7ft model Marie Temara stuns fans at supermarket

7ft model Marie Temara  stuns fans at supermarket
Published 1 weeks ago on Jul 09, 2024

'7ft' model Marie Temara stuns fans with supermarket trip: Height proves handy for top shelf requests.

'7ft' model Marie Temara stuns fans with supermarket trip: Height proves handy for top shelf requests

Marie Temara, a 28-year-oldmodel from Syracuse, New York, has recently garnered significant attention for her impressive height, which she claims to be 7 feet. Although she is actually 6 feet 2 inches tall, her towering stature still makes her stand out in any crowd. Marie's height has not only become a unique selling point in her career but also a source of fascination for her fans, who recently enjoyed watching her put her height to practical use during a supermarket trip.

A Shopping Excursion with a Twist

Marie Temara took to Instagram to share a video of her latest shopping trip, where her height proved to be exceptionally useful. In the video, Marie is seen effortlessly reaching for items on the top shelves of the supermarket aisles, a task that many find challenging. She humorously captioned the video, "I tower over all the aisles. Anyone need anything from the top shelf?? I gotchu." This light-hearted post quickly resonated with her followers, earning over 39,000 likes from her two million Instagram fans.

Fans React to Marie's Height

The video sparked a flurry of comments from Marie's admirers, many of whom were both amused and impressed by her height. One fan commented, "At 5'6", I need this in my life. Not only can you reach the top, but I'd have a place for shade as well (or if it rained)." Another follower asked, "Are you taller than Shaq?" These reactions highlight the novelty and allure of Marie's towering presence.

Capitalizing on Unique Attributes

Marie Temara's height has been a defining feature since her school days, where she often towered over her classmates. Now, she has successfully turned this unique attribute into a lucrative career. Marie reportedly earns an astounding $100,000 per week from fans who are captivated by her stature. Many of her followers are drawn to her because of macrophilia, a fetish for women perceived as giantesses. Marie's fans particularly enjoy the idea of her towering over them and the various scenarios that her height can create.

The Appeal of Being a Giantess

In an interview with the Daily Star, Marie revealed that her fans often request her to engage in role-play scenarios that emphasize her height. These include requests like "pick me up," "step on me," and other forms of public humiliation. Marie explained, “It’s a lot of ‘pick me up’, ‘step on me’, public humiliation, d**k-related humiliations. Making guys feel smaller because I’m so big.” Her ability to fulfill these fantasies has made her incredibly popular among a niche group of followers.

Strength and Fitness

Marie Temara's impressive height is matched by her remarkable strength. She has been a dedicated gym-goer since her teenage years, working out seven times a week for the past 15 years. This commitment to fitness has not only enhanced her physical strength but also added to her appeal as a dominant and powerful figure. “I am really strong, I can pick up multiple men at once and throw them around. So I use that to my advantage,” she said.

Embracing Uniqueness

Marie Temara's story is a testament to the power of embracing one's unique attributes and turning them into strengths. While her height may have been a source of insecurity during her school years, she has since embraced it fully and leveraged it to build a successful career. Her ability to connect with fans and cater to their specific interests has set her apart in the adult entertainment industry.

Marie Temara's recent supermarket excursion video has once again highlighted the unique appeal of her towering stature. By humorously showcasing her ability to reach top shelves with ease, she has further endeared herself to her fans. With her impressive height, strength, and dedication to fitness, Marie continues to captivate her audience and carve out a distinct niche for herself in the adult entertainment world.

As Marie Temara continues to embrace her height and use it to her advantage, she serves as an inspiration for others to celebrate their unique qualities and find ways to turn them into strengths. Whether it's through reaching top shelves in a supermarket or fulfilling niche fantasies for her fans, Marie's towering presence is sure to keep her in the spotlight for years to come.


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