Amazonian Charlie bullied over her height now makes fortune

Amazonian Charlie bullied over her height now makes fortune
Published 1 years ago on Feb 27, 2023

Amazonian Charlie has revealed how she rakes in £60k a month as an internet star and TV presenter.

The 6ft 5ins Babestation presenter moved to Teesside to pursue her new career, after previously working in hospitality just to make ends meet.

She had a realisation that sparked change: "I woke up one day and realised I don't want to work 60 hours a week for the rest of my life completely underrated, underpaid, and exhausted - I was going nowhere fast.

"So I decided to make [a] career out of something that I have always had, which is my height.

"My height is a niche - I've not actually met a female taller than me to be honest!"

Charlie Mill, 27, said she is now in a "very stable" position, thanks to her new pursuits.

She spoke of her journey in embracing her height and her experiences with bullying as a child.

Charlie said people would constantly comment on her size and she even moved schools three or four times as a result.

The model said she often felt like the "odd one out" when with her friends.

She explained: "It was something I would always try to hide. I would slouch, I wouldn't be who I actually am."

But she is now a daytime TV presenter for Babestation, a sure sign her insecurities didn't hold her back from success.

Charlie said: "Now it's a very nice feeling to know that I make a substantial amount of money out of being different whereas back then to me it was something that I struggled with."

She also revealed she uses social media, in particular OnlyFans, for private sales.

She said: "I think the most that I have made solely from an OnlyFans account in one month off the top of my head was over £60,000. [My wage] fluctuates- people think that it is easy to do something like this.

"It's not easy - you have to be your own producer, you have to be your own advertiser, you have to make yourself stand out from the rest.

"The more effort you put into it the more you get out of it - the more money you put into it the more you get out of it.

"Everything has to be high-quality production."

But it's not all fun and games - there are dangers that come with the job.

The Amazonian star added: "If I tend to go out on a night out I do have a protection officer with me because of the fact that there are people that recognise me - it is difficult not to, I'm 6ft5! If I have heels on I'm almost 7ft tall!"

Charlie said she is proud of her job: "Money makes the world go round, we all go to work and go to our job regardless of what that job is and I was going nowhere fast even though I was in a politically correct job that is deemed ok by society.

"I would have worked the rest of my life, I would have had barely any pension, I would have barely afforded to get on the property ladder or help out my friends and family.


"Now I am in a very very stable position where I can pass that on through charity work and giving to charity and also my friends and family."

And she isn't alone in her choice to pursue a side hustle - and reap the rewards as a result.

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