Adam Driver Confirms Arrival of Second Child and Embraces Fatherhood

Adam Driver Confirms Arrival of Second Child and Embraces Fatherhood
Published 2 months ago on Dec 21, 2023

During a recent appearance on Live with Kelly & Mark, Driver humorously shared the news, stating, "I have an older son who's six, and now she's eight months, and you kinda forget how much babies kinda suck."

The couple, already parents to a six-year-old son, celebrated the arrival of their baby daughter earlier this year. Adam Driver disclosed the happy news during rehearsals for his Saturday Night Live hosting stint, where he expressed gratitude for his baby girl. The actor playfully remarked, "Last year, I asked for a baby girl, and I got it, which is exhausting - so this year, I wish for Ambien!"

Despite the challenges of parenthood, Driver is finding joy in the experience, particularly with his daughter. Acknowledging the fast-paced growth of his firstborn, he emphasized the importance of savoring every moment with his new baby, expressing a newfound patience. "This first time, it went too fast, and I was so anxious for him to kind of develop so he could communicate and tell me what was wrong. And now I’m more patient with her. I’m trying to enjoy it more," Driver shared.

Reflecting on his parenting journey, Driver disclosed, "She likes me more. When I was with my son, he didn't want anything to do with me for the first three years."

While the couple is known for keeping their personal life private, sources close to them inadvertently shared news of Tucker's pregnancy in 2018 through Instagram posts. Tucker's sister, in a public post, revealed images from a joint baby shower, referring to them as "new moms."

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker, both accomplished actors, met during their studies at The Juilliard School and exchanged vows in June 2013. Tucker has appeared alongside her husband in films such as The Report (2019) and Girls (2016), showcasing their shared passion for the entertainment industry.

As the couple navigates the joys and challenges of raising two children, Adam Driver's candid revelations about parenthood continue to endear him to fans, highlighting the humorous and heartfelt moments that come with expanding their family.


  • Adam Driver's ancestry is a mix of Dutch, English, German, Irish, and Scottish. However, he doesn't identify with any specific ethnicity and has stated that he prefers to focus on his individual identity rather than labels.


  • Adam Driver has a sister named Rachel Driver, but she is not an actress. She works in the medical field.


  • Adam Driver is married to Joanne Tucker, an actress and playwright. They married in 2013 and have one child together.

Minnie Driver:

  • Adam and Minnie Driver are not related. While they share the same surname, it is a coincidence and their families are not connected.
  • Adam Driver is a renowned actor known for his roles in films like Star Wars, Marriage Story, and House of Gucci.
  • He is known for his privacy and rarely shares details about his personal life.

Movies and TV Shows:

  • Movies: He boasts a diverse filmography with over 35 credits, including notable roles in:
    • Star Wars franchise (Kylo Ren)
    • Marriage Story (Charlie Barber)
    • House of Gucci (Maurizio Gucci)
    • BlacKkKlansman (Flip Zimmerman)
    • Paterson (Paterson)
    • The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (Toby)
    • This Is Where I Leave You (Jamie Massey)
    • Inside Llewyn Davis (Al Cody)
    • Lincoln (Samuel Beckwith)
    • Hungry Hearts (Jude)
    • Logan Lucky (Clyde Logan)
    • Silence (Francisco Garupe)
    • Annette (Henry McHenry)
    • White Noise (Jack Gladney)
    • Ferrari (Enzo Ferrari)
  • TV Shows: Gained recognition with a recurring role in Girls (Adam Sackler) and appeared in episodes of The Unusuals, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Saturday Night Live.

Netflix Movies:

  • Marriage Story
  • White Noise
  • The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Improved)
  • Midnight Special
  • Frances Ha
  • Tracks

IMDb Page: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3485845/

Age: 39 years old (born November 26, 1983)

Net Worth: Estimates vary between $10 million and $30 million.

Son: Adam Driver and his wife Joanne Tucker have one child, a son born in 2018, but they keep details about him private.

New Movie: Driver stars in the upcoming Ridley Scott film "Megalopolis," currently in post-production.

Best Movies: Opinions vary, but some critically acclaimed and fan-favorite roles include:

  • Kylo Ren in Star Wars
  • Charlie Barber in Marriage Story
  • Flip Zimmerman in BlacKkKlansman
  • Paterson in Paterson
  • Jude in Hungry Hearts
  • Active on Instagram (@addriverfanpage) with over 1.7 million followers, though not directly managed by him.


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