AI Expert Warns of a 50% Chance of Humanity's Extinction

AI Expert Warns of a 50% Chance of Humanity's Extinction
Published 10 months ago on Jun 13, 2023

Max Tegmark, a physicist and AI specialist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, raises concerns about the future implications of AI surpassing human intelligence. Drawing parallels with past instances where humans caused the extinction of lesser species, Tegmark suggests that if AI becomes smarter than humans, we may face a similar fate. The ominous aspect is that we may not even be aware of when or how our demise at the hands of AI would occur due to our inferior intelligence. 

Potential Extinction Risk and Urgent Global Attention: 
During an interview with the Swedish national broadcaster SVT, Professor Tegmark expressed his bleak outlook on the matter. Referring to the extinction of approximately half of Earth's species due to human activities, he emphasized that if machines that are far more intelligent than humans take control, our situation could turn just as dire. Tegmark is among the signatories of a statement that calls for prioritizing efforts to mitigate the risk of AI-induced extinction on a global scale, placing it alongside other significant societal risks like pandemics and nuclear war. 

Unforeseen Consequences of AI Development: 
Some prominent scientists are concerned that AI, whether intentionally or unintentionally, could lead to the creation of autonomous weapons or robots capable of causing harm. Even seemingly harmless AI software could make fatal decisions if not programmed with sufficient caution. Professor Tegmark previously warned about the potential enslavement of humanity by the intelligent machines we create, suggesting that some colleagues may even view this outcome as a natural progression for our species. The question arises of whether humans possess the intellect to handle such powerful technologies and whether superintelligence might eventually outsmart us. 

Prominent Figures and Calls for Caution: 
Notable figures in the tech industry, like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, have been vocal about the dangers associated with AI development. Musk and a coalition of over 1,000 technology leaders have called for a pause in the "dangerous race" to advance AI, expressing concerns over its profound risks to society and humanity, which could have catastrophic consequences. Musk has previously likened AI to being more dangerous than nuclear weapons and considers it a greater risk than geopolitical issues. He has expressed apprehension that AI could become so advanced that it may no longer require human intervention or heed human instructions. 

Max Tegmark's cautionary message about the potential extinction of humanity due to AI highlights the need for serious consideration and global attention to mitigate the risks associated with its development. As AI continues to advance, the potential consequences and unintended outcomes of superintelligent machines surpassing human capabilities become more significant. The debate surrounding the role of AI in our future and the necessity for responsible and ethical development remains crucial in order to ensure a safe and beneficial integration of AI technologies in our society.


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