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Amanda Holden, 53, teases cleavage in plunging pink suit

Amanda Holden, 53,  teases cleavage in plunging pink suit
Published 1 months ago on Mar 11, 2024

Amanda Holden Stuns in Pink Suit for International Women's Day .

Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden never fails to impress with her fashion choices, and her outfit for International Women's Day was no exception. On Friday, March 8th, Holden turned heads at the Heart FM office in a stylish pink suit that was both sophisticated and eye-catching.

A Chic Three-Piece

The 53-year-old beauty opted for a three-piece suit from Mint Velvet, featuring a plunging neckline that showcased a hint of cleavage. The chic waistcoat added a touch of formality, while the baggy trousers offered a modern, relaxed feel.

Flawless and Functional

Holden, known for her love of fashion, couldn't wait to share her outfit with her fans. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she raved about the suit's practicality and versatility.

"They are smashing it," she declared, referring to Mint Velvet. "This is a three-piece. Really cute little baggy trousers, this nice fitted waistcoat, oversized jacket. The best thing about it is I have come in the car, I have sat down, it does not crease!"

Perfect for Every Occasion

Holden highlighted the suit's adaptability, suggesting it was perfect for various events. "It is the most fantastic jacket for a wedding, for Mother's Day, which is what I'm going to wear it for on Sunday," she shared, expressing her enthusiasm for the outfit.

Modeling with Expertise

Holden donned her signature modeling skills, striking poses for her Instagram followers. A photo captured her with a playful pout, showcasing the suit's flattering silhouette.

Elegant Touches

To complete the look, Holden accessorized with a set of tasteful necklaces and a pair of elegant pointed-toe heels. The combination added a touch of glamour and polish to the already stunning ensemble.

Celebrating Women's Day

Beyond showcasing her impeccable style, Holden used the opportunity to celebrate International Women's Day. She paid tribute to the important women in her life, including her co-hosts at Heart FM, Ashley Roberts and Alesha Dixon.

A Social Media Hit

Holden's outfit choice was a hit with her fans, garnering numerous compliments on her Instagram Stories. Her enthusiasm for the suit and her celebration of International Women's Day resonated with her audience.

Amanda Holden continues to be a fashion icon and a strong female voice. Her ability to combine style and substance is an inspiration to many.


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