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Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts Sparkle in Festive £180 Pyjamas at Heart FM Christmas Celebration

Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts Sparkle in Festive £180 Pyjamas at Heart FM Christmas Celebration
Published 2 months ago on Dec 15, 2023

Both Amanda, 52, and Ashley, 41, brought a burst of color to the occasion, donning button-up pyjamas and high heels. Amanda opted for a vibrant pink set with feather cuffs, while Ashley embraced the festive spirit in a red ensemble. Completing the look, the presenters added Santa hats for an extra dash of holiday cheer.

Sharing the festive fashion details on Instagram, Amanda revealed that their chic sleepwear sets were from the fashion brand Nadine Merabi, priced at £180. In a group shot with the Heart team, Amanda expressed gratitude for another year at Heart FM and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

While Amanda and Ashley went all out for the themed day, co-host Jamie Theakston kept it simple in a white T-shirt paired with classic blue-striped pyjama bottoms. The festive atmosphere was further heightened by special guest James Argent, who enthusiastically embraced the Christmas spirit in a Santa costume.

After the celebration, Amanda confidently paraded through the streets of London in her stylish pyjamas, complemented by a long black coat and signature sunglasses. The festive fun continued earlier in the week during the Heart FM Christmas lunch, where Amanda and Ashley dazzled in matching red outfits.

Amanda turned heads in a dazzling bralette and coordinated blazer, while Ashley showcased her figure in a similar ensemble. The duo added a touch of humor to the celebration, with Ashley dancing in a Timothée Chalamet face mask, leaving colleagues in stitches.

Earlier that day, the dynamic duo once again coordinated their outfits as they left the Heart FM studios. Amanda embraced the festive party season in silver metallic trousers, a glittery striped top, and rhinestone-covered ankle boots. Ashley took it a step further, donning a full sparkle ensemble with a matching silver sequined trouser and jacket two-piece, complemented by a black turtleneck jumper and heels.

The Heart FM Christmas celebrations encapsulated the festive spirit, blending style, laughter, and camaraderie among the hosts. As Amanda and Ashley continue to shine on and off the airwaves, their festive fashion choices resonate with the joy of the season at Heart FM.

What was Amanda Holden famous for?

Amanda Holden is known for a variety of things, including:

  • Acting: She's had roles in movies like "Wild at Heart" and "Thorough Modern Millie," and TV shows like "Cutting It" and "Britain's Got Talent."
  • Singing: She released a pop album in 2008 and often showcases her singing talents on TV shows.
  • Presenting: She co-hosts the Heart Breakfast radio show and has judged on "Britain's Got Talent" since its first season.
  • Glamorous persona: She's known for her bold fashion choices and confident personality.

2. Is Amanda Holden still married to Chris Hughes?

Yes, Amanda Holden is still married to Chris Hughes. They've been married since 2008 and have two daughters together.

3. What did Tate say to Amanda Holden?

This depends on which situation you're referring to. Amanda Holden has interacted with many people named Tate throughout her career. If you provide more context or details about the specific incident, I can try to explain what was said.

4. Is that really Amanda Holden's mother?

Without knowing which picture or context you're referring to, it's impossible to say for sure. However, Amanda Holden's mother is Judith Mary Harrison, and there are photos of them together online. If you provide a link or description of the image, I can try to help you determine if it's her mother.

Amanda Holden in 2023:

Current Activities:

  • TV: Continued judging on the popular talent show "Britain's Got Talent," known for her witty comments and glamorous outfits.
  • Radio: Co-hosting the morning show "Heart Breakfast" with Jamie Theakston, bringing her bubbly personality and entertainment expertise.
  • Theatre: Currently starring in the West End musical "Chicago," playing the iconic role of Roxie Hart.
  • Fashion: Remains a style icon, often gracing red carpets and social media with bold and fashionable looks.
  • Business: Launched her own clothing line "Vendla," showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

Personal Life:

  • Happily married: Still enjoying a strong marriage with record producer Chris Hughes, celebrating their 15th anniversary in 2023.
  • Devoted mother: Raising two daughters, Lexi and Hollie, often sharing sweet family moments on social media.

Additional Information:

  • Net Worth: Estimated to be around £20 million (approximately $24 million) thanks to her successful career in TV, radio, theatre, and other ventures.
  • Age: 52 years old, born on February 16, 1971.
  • First Husband: Briefly married to comedian Les Dennis in 1995, divorced after nine months.
  • Instagram: @noholdenback - Over 2 million followers, offering a glimpse into her glamorous lifestyle, work, and family moments.
  • Recent Photos: You can find recent photos of Amanda Holden in high-profile events, fashion shoots, and personal Instagram posts.

Fame and Highlights:

  • Known for her versatility across TV, radio, singing, and acting.
  • Recognized for her witty personality, infectious laughter, and glamorous presence.
  • Remembered for her iconic roles in shows like "Wild at Heart" and "Cutting It."
  • Appreciated for her talent as a singer, showcased on various TV appearances and her own album.
  • Continued success in "Britain's Got Talent" for over a decade, becoming a fan favorite judge.

Ashley Roberts: Dancing Queen and More

Current Endeavors:

  • Dance Monsters Season 3: Hosts the Netflix reality show "Dance Monsters" alongside Ne-Yo and Lele Pons, where masked dancers compete with incredible CGI-enhanced costumes.
  • Heart Radio Shows: Holds down two radio gigs: presenting the morning show "Heart 00's" and co-hosting "Saturday Night Show" with Jason Hawkins.
  • Live Performances: Keeps her dance skills sharp by performing regularly, including collaborations with various artists and hosting events.
  • Other Appearances: Guest judges on talent shows, participates in charity events, and maintains a vibrant presence on social media.

Reasons for Fame:

  • Pussycat Doll: Primarily known as a member of the iconic pop group The Pussycat Dolls, known for their energetic performances and catchy hits like "Don't Cha" and "Buttons."
  • West End: Showcased her acting and singing talents in West End musicals like "Chicago," "Cinderella," and "Mamma Mia!"
  • TV Personality: Gained recognition for her presenting skills on shows like "Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway," "Strictly Come Dancing" (where she finished second in 2018), and "The Real Dirty Dancing UK."
  • Versatility: Shines in various roles, demonstrating talent in singing, dancing, acting, and presenting.

Dancing Partners:

  • The Pussycat Dolls: Her fellow group members like Carmit Bachar, Kimberly Wyatt, and Jessica Sutta.
  • Live Shows and Collaborations: Partnered with artists like Olly Murs, AJ Pritchard, and Pasha Kovalev (her "Strictly Come Dancing" partner).
  • "Dance Monsters": Judges and mentors aspiring dancers in their CGI-powered routines.

Heart Radio Presence:

  • "Heart 00's": Brings the nostalgia of the 2000s each morning with music, celebrity interviews, and fun segments.
  • "Saturday Night Show": Co-hosts alongside Jason Hawkins on Saturdays, delivering a lively mix of music, humor, and weekend vibes.

Yes, Ashley Roberts is currently active on Heart Radio, hosting two shows:

Throughout her career, Ashley Roberts has danced with numerous performers, including:

Personal Life:

  • Partner: As of October 27, 2023, Ashley Roberts is not publicly confirmed to be dating anyone. While rumors have circulated about potential partners, she has chosen to keep her personal life private.
  • Children: Ashley Roberts does not currently have any children. She has expressed a desire to become a mother at some point but has not publicly announced any plans.
  • Net Worth: Estimates for Ashley Roberts' net worth vary, but it's likely in the range of £5 million to £10 million (approximately $6 million to $12 million). This comes from her successful career in music, TV, radio, and other ventures.
  • Wikipedia: You can find a detailed overview of her life and career on her Wikipedia page:
  • Instagram: Follow Ashley Roberts on Instagram @iamashleyroberts to get a glimpse into her professional and personal life, including her travels, performances, and collaborations.

Specific Questions:

  • Son: Ashley Roberts does not have a son and has not announced any plans to have children in the near future.
  • Father of Ashley Roberts' child: As Ashley Roberts does not have any children, the question about the father's identity is not applicable.
  • Children's names: Similarly, with no children, Ashley Roberts hasn't chosen any names for them.

Respecting Privacy:

Please remember that celebrities have a right to privacy, and while I'm happy to share what's publicly available, it's important to respect her choices about what she chooses to reveal.


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