Amanda Holden Bares All in Racy New Trailer for

Amanda Holden Bares All in Racy New Trailer for
Published 2 months ago on Aug 03, 2023

"The 52-year-old celebrity, renowned for her magnetic presence on screen, is on the cusp of embarking on an extraordinary and groundbreaking adventure. This journey promises to delve into the fascinating and often enigmatic realm of human sexual behaviors through the ages. Collaborating with the esteemed historian Dan Jones, Amanda is poised to guide viewers through an enthralling expedition that seamlessly intertwines history and sensuality. This unique collaborative effort is set to manifest in an upcoming series on Sky HISTORY, titled 'Sex: A Bonkers History'. The series boldly declares its intent to shatter preconceived notions and provide a thought-provoking exploration of the intricate evolution of human sexuality. 

In a tantalizing preview, the trailer for the show offers glimpses of Amanda's audacious odyssey. Fearlessly embracing a bold and unconventional approach, Amanda sheds societal inhibitions to step into various historical personas. From the daring attire of Victoria's Secret models to the regal allure of Cleopatra, Amanda immerses herself in the roles that have shaped the perception of sensuality throughout history. The striking imagery captured in the trailer aptly conveys the essence of each era, effectively allowing viewers to witness Amanda's transformative journey firsthand. 

Stunning: Amanda Holden put her phenomenal figure on display in the racy new trailer for Sex: A Bonkers History, strutting her stuff in skimpy white lingerie that showcased her figure

One scene particularly stands out, showcasing Amanda's vivid portrayal of Cleopatra, the iconic Egyptian queen celebrated for her intellect and irresistible charm. With an intricately designed wig and elaborate makeup, Amanda takes on the persona of Cleopatra, bringing her opulence and allure to life. In a daring display of authenticity, Amanda boldly poses nude in a bath, embodying Cleopatra's legendary sensuality. This audacious representation serves as an invitation to contemplate the intricate intersection of power, allure, and intellect that defined an era. 

At the core of the show lies a steadfast commitment to authenticity and immersive storytelling. Merging meticulously curated archival footage with dramatic reconstructions, 'Sex: A Bonkers History' pledges to resurrect some of history's most captivating tales of human intimacy. With Amanda Holden and Dan Jones leading the charge, the series embarks on a journey to unearth untold stories that span across epochs. From ancient Egypt's earliest explorations into contraception to the liberating escapades of suburban Britain in the 1970s, the duo unveils the societal attitudes towards sex that have significantly shaped human civilization. 

Bit of all white! The racy trailer began with Amanda strutting her stuff in skimpy white lingerie that showcased her incredible figure

The series doesn't shy away from delving into the intriguing world of Tudor sexual appetites either—a facet of history that continues to both intrigue and mystify. By peeling back the layers of time, Amanda and Dan illuminate how the intimate desires of monarchs and courtiers reverberated through the tapestry of British history. This candid examination humanizes these historical figures, granting audiences a privileged glimpse into the private dimensions that often elude conventional historical narratives. 

The exploration extends further, encompassing the complex landscape of Georgian Britain. While often perceived as an era of prudishness and restraint, the show dismantles this façade, unveiling the suppressed desires and concealed truths that characterized the era. The series also ventures into the supposedly repressed Victorian period, revealing its surprisingly progressive approach to sexuality—a stark contrast to common misconceptions. 

One to watch: Sex: A Bonkers History will premiere on Sky HISTORY in September

Amanda Holden, speaking about her role in the series, expresses how 'Sex: A Bonkers History' has been both enlightening and entertaining for her. She emphasizes how the series offers an unprecedented look into the debauched antics of our forebears, shedding light on narratives that have been largely overlooked by contemporary generations. Comparing the show to 'horrible histories for grown-ups,' Amanda passionately embraces her role as an intellectual storyteller, guiding viewers through 2500 years of sexual history. 

As the premiere date for the series draws near, the anticipation is palpable. Scheduled to grace screens on Sky HISTORY in September, 'Sex: A Bonkers History' promises an exhilarating voyage through the convoluted twists and turns of human sexuality. With Amanda Holden and Dan Jones poised to become conduits of the past, the series offers a captivating tapestry of stories that illuminate the intricate interplay between culture, society, and intimacy. This unmissable opportunity invites audiences to explore history's concealed narratives through the lens of two passionate storytellers.


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