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Amanda Holden defies Critics, vows to flaunt skimpy dresses

Amanda Holden defies Critics, vows to flaunt skimpy dresses
Published 2 months ago on Feb 21, 2024

Amanda Holden Vows to Flaunt Racy Attire on Britain’s Got Talent Despite Ofcom Controversy.

As the anticipation builds for the return of Britain’s Got Talent, all eyes are on judge Amanda Holden, renowned for her daring fashion choices that often leave little to the imagination. Despite previous controversies and a flurry of complaints to Ofcom, the 52-year-old star remains resolute in her commitment to donning provocative outfits on the hit ITV show.

Holden’s sartorial selections have repeatedly sparked outrage among certain viewers, with accusations of her attire being too revealing or inappropriate for the family-friendly program. Yet, as she gears up for the latest season, she shows no signs of toning down her style.

In a recent interview with The Mirror, Holden teased her upcoming looks, hinting at a preference for even more risqué ensembles. "I am thinking more rubber. I enjoyed wearing latex in the audition and I am thinking more latex in their lives. More latex and more sweating!” she quipped, suggesting a penchant for pushing boundaries.

This determination to maintain her signature sexy style comes despite the uproar caused by her wardrobe choices in the past. One notable incident occurred in 2020 when Holden wore a revealing blue gown that some viewers claimed left little to the imagination, prompting 235 complaints to Ofcom.

Nevertheless, Holden remains unapologetic, often using humor to deflect criticism. Addressing the attention her outfits garner compared to that of her male counterparts, she humorously remarked to the MailOnline, "Everyone talks about my t**s and his are out all the time. No Ofcom complaints about me this year please!" She was referring to fellow judge Bruno Tonioli and his penchant for low-cut shirts. Tonioli himself chimed in to defend Holden, stating, "If you've got it, flaunt it! I don't understand this complaining. She's a beautiful woman."

Holden has consistently rejected the notion of dressing according to age, citing modern icons like Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez as inspirations for defying traditional expectations of attire. “When my mum was 48 she wouldn’t have dared wear a mini skirt, because she’s of the era where you wouldn’t dare get your knees out if you were nearly 50," she explained. "Whereas I look at Kylie and J-Lo and think, well if she’s still doing it, I’m still doing it.”

The judge's defiance extends beyond the television screen, as she frequently shares her bold fashion choices with her 1.2 million Instagram followers. Despite occasional backlash, her posts are often flooded with praise and admiration for her body-positive attitude and fearless approach to fashion.

Holden remains steadfast in her belief that Britain’s Got Talent is the perfect platform to showcase diverse styles and personalities. "Of course, I have fun on Britain’s Got Talent – it’s the perfect opportunity to take risks," she remarked. "Times have changed and I don’t feel anyone should feel pressure to dress for your age. It’s all about body positivity and feeling good."

As the new season of Britain’s Got Talent unfolds, viewers can undoubtedly expect to see Holden continue to challenge conventions and push boundaries with her unapologetically bold fashion choices. Despite the occasional controversy, one thing is certain – Amanda Holden is determined to own the spotlight, one daring dress at a time.


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