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Amanda Holden Embraces the Magic of Jessica Rabbit in Red Dress for Christmas Campaign

Amanda Holden Embraces the Magic of Jessica Rabbit in Red Dress for Christmas Campaign
Published 4 months ago on Nov 08, 2023

 The beloved television and radio personality, aged 52, recently left jaws dropping and cameras flashing as she channeled the iconic animated character Jessica Rabbit in a ravishing red dress. The stunning transformation was part of Amanda's role in unveiling Baylis & Harding's Yuletide campaign, which is set to bring an extra touch of glamour and magic to the holiday season.

Amanda Holden gets in toon with Christmas by wearing a clinging red dress that channels Jessica RabbitCredit: Bayliss and Harding

For those who might need a refresher, Jessica Rabbit is the sultry femme fatale from the animated classic "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," a film that captivated audiences in 1988. Known for her striking red hair, killer curves, and captivating allure, Jessica Rabbit has become a timeless symbol of beauty and sensuality. And Amanda Holden, in her latest sartorial choice, did not merely channel this iconic character; she embodied her.

As the festivities begin to take over, Amanda's choice to embrace Jessica Rabbit's allure is more than fitting. The holiday season is a time for enchantment and glamour, a time when we all want to feel like stars in our own stories. Amanda's choice to step into the shoes of this legendary character adds an extra layer of enchantment to the magic of Christmas.

Amanda's look in the clinging red dress was nothing short of jaw-dropping. The dress clung to her in all the right places, accentuating her elegant curves. The deep red hue not only paid homage to Jessica Rabbit's signature style but also conveyed a sense of boldness and confidence. As Amanda unveiled Baylis & Harding's Christmas campaign, she made sure all eyes were on her, embodying the festive spirit with her own unique charisma.

In a statement, the "Britain's Got Talent" judge expressed her enthusiasm for the holiday season, saying, "Christmas can never come soon enough for me each year, and we're already playing the music in our house. I'm so thrilled to be Baylis & Harding's Christmas Ambassador and to be featured in their festive advert."

Indeed, her enthusiasm for the season is infectious, and her role as Baylis & Harding's Christmas Ambassador is one that fans and viewers alike are eagerly anticipating. Her presence in their festive advert is bound to make the campaign memorable, combining the allure of Jessica Rabbit with the charm of Amanda Holden.

Amanda's passion for the holiday season doesn't stop at her role as the Christmas Ambassador. Her love for the festivities is genuine and runs deep. Christmas, for her, is more than just a date on the calendar; it's a feeling, a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration. The Holden household is already filled with the sounds of Christmas music, a testament to Amanda's deep connection with this time of the year.

Amanda said: 'Christmas can never come soon enough for me each year'Credit: Bayliss and Harding

In addition to her Christmas campaign role, Amanda also made headlines recently for her spirited Halloween costume. She decided to go as the beloved animated character Velma from the Scooby-Doo series. Amanda's take on Velma was not just a costume; it was a transformation that showcased her creativity and love for embracing different characters.

Dressed in an orange long-sleeve crop top, a red PVC mini skirt, and thigh-high socks, Amanda nailed the Velma look. Her attention to detail and her commitment to fully embodying the character made her costume a standout moment in the Halloween celebrations. This costume choice also reflects her playfulness and willingness to embrace different facets of her personality.

What made her Halloween celebration even more special was the participation of her Heart radio co-stars, Ashley Roberts and Jamie Theakston. They joined Amanda in a group costume, dressing as members of the beloved crime-solving gang from Scooby-Doo. Ashley and Jamie's willingness to get in on the act and have fun with the costume theme highlighted the strong bond between the Heart radio team.

Jamie Theakston, in particular, took on the role of Shaggy, the lovable and somewhat hapless character from the Scooby-Doo series. He rocked Shaggy's trademark green T-shirt and brown cords, and to complete the look, he donned a floppy auburn wig. The attention to detail in their costumes and the enthusiasm with which they embraced the Halloween spirit left fans both delighted and amused.

This Halloween celebration, with Amanda as Velma and her co-stars as members of the Scooby-Doo gang, was a testament to the fun-loving and vibrant atmosphere at Heart radio. It showcased the team's ability to come together, have a good time, and create memorable moments both on and off the airwaves.

In summary, Amanda Holden's recent appearances and transformations have left fans and followers delighted and captivated. Her embodiment of Jessica Rabbit for Baylis & Harding's Christmas campaign adds a touch of timeless allure to the holiday season. Amanda's genuine enthusiasm for Christmas and her role as the Christmas Ambassador make her the perfect choice for spreading the joy and magic of the season.

Amanda with Jamie Theakston and Ashley Roberts dressed as Scooby-Doo characters for HalloweenCredit: noholdenback/Instagram..

Furthermore, her Halloween costume choice as Velma, along with the participation of her Heart radio colleagues, exemplifies the spirit of camaraderie and fun that defines their dynamic as a team. Amanda Holden continues to be a source of inspiration for those who admire her not just for her talent but also for her creativity and the joy she brings to every occasion. With the holiday season approaching, we can only anticipate more magic and enchantment from Amanda Holden.


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