Amanda Holden Radiates Holiday Glamour in Baylis & Harding's Christmas TV Advert

Amanda Holden Radiates Holiday Glamour in Baylis & Harding's Christmas TV Advert
Published 3 months ago on Nov 27, 2023

Amanda Holden, the perennially popular TV personality and revered judge on Britain's Got Talent, has once again graced our screens, this time in a breathtaking gold slip dress, as the star of Baylis & Harding's latest Christmas TV advert. In a sneak peek exclusively shared with MailOnline on a festive Monday, the 52-year-old icon effortlessly captured the spirit of the season, dazzling viewers with her radiant smile and impeccable sense of style.

Looking good: Amanda, who was announced as the UK’s number one toiletries gift brand’s Christmas ambassador last month, pulled her long blonde tresses up in a neat ponytail

The enchanting TV advert, a showcase for Amanda as the Christmas ambassador for Baylis & Harding, the UK's leading toiletries gift brand, unfolded in a cascade of holiday magic. Amanda looked nothing short of spectacular in a sexy gold slip dress, paired with a matching dressing gown that she casually draped off one shoulder. The satin ensemble accentuated her amazing figure, and her infectious smile set the tone for a joyous celebration.

The opening scenes saw Amanda indulging in a luxurious bubble bath, creating an aura of opulence and relaxation. The gold slip dress shimmered in the soft lighting, highlighting her timeless beauty. Playfully blowing bubbles, Amanda radiated the kind of festive cheer that instantly resonates with audiences during the holiday season.

Sexy: The TV personality, 52, showed off her amazing figure in the satin number and a matching dressing gown which she wore off her one shoulder 

Transitioning seamlessly to her dressing room tableau, Amanda underwent a festive wardrobe transformation that left viewers in awe. The TV personality emerged in a stunning red strapless gown, boasting a daring thigh-high split that added a touch of glamour to the festive narrative. Amanda's long blonde tresses, elegantly pulled into a ponytail earlier, now fell in perfect waves, framing her face as she applied a swipe of bold red lipstick.

The 30-second TV advert, set to the catchy and upbeat tune "Man With The Bag" by Jessie J, showcased Amanda receiving a gift set of her favorite Baylis & Harding products. As she unwrapped the present, the joy on her face was palpable, reinforcing the idea that Baylis & Harding's offerings make for perfect stocking fillers during the holiday season.

Stunning: Amanda Holden looked incredible as she slipped into a sexy gold slip dress as she posed for the new Baylis & Harding Christmas TV advert on Monday

Amanda Holden, who was appointed as the UK’s number one toiletries gift brand’s Christmas ambassador last month, shared her enthusiasm for the campaign. "I look forward to Christmas so much every year," she exclaimed, "and to be a part of Baylis & Harding’s joy-filled Christmas campaign has made me feel like the fairy on top of the tree!"

The festive spirit was palpable throughout the advert, and Amanda's infectious joy echoed the sentiments of the season. Tania Slater, co-founder at Baylis & Harding, expressed her excitement, stating, "Our TV advert, featuring Amanda as our Christmas ambassador, has been created to capture the sense of joy and excitement for spending time with family and friends and shows Amanda getting ready to entertain in style!"

As viewers anticipate the airing of the advert, the stunning visuals and Amanda Holden's magnetic presence are expected to resonate, further establishing her as a symbol of elegance and festivity during the holidays.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the TV advert, Amanda Holden has been making headlines for her bold and daring fashion choices. Recently attending the Global Radio's Make Some Noise charity gala at The Londoner Hotel in Leicester Square, she stole the spotlight in a little-to-nothing ensemble that showcased her fearless approach to style.

Turning heads: She put on a very leggy display as she changed into a stunning red strapless gown which boasted a daring thigh high split

The Heart FM breakfast radio host took to Instagram to share glimpses of her daring look, which featured a semi-sheer dress, offering a tantalizing view of her lingerie. The long-sleeve ensemble, with a strategically placed zip fastening, allowed Amanda to flaunt her ample cleavage. The dress's unusual fitting included racy cut-outs that revealed her hips, legs, and torso, showcasing her black lingerie through the garment.

Earlier on the same day, Amanda had opted for a braless look while at work at the Heart FM studios, once again proving that she is unapologetically bold when it comes to her fashion choices.

The Make Some Noise charity gala, which raises funds for Global's Make Some Noise charity to support disadvantaged children, young people, and their families across the UK, provided a platform for Amanda to showcase her philanthropic side. Earlier in the month, she undertook a series of grueling challenges to raise money for the charity, including a heart-stopping 13,000ft parachute jump and climbing Blackpool Tower—all while presenting her breakfast show.

The charity event, dubbed "Race Against Time," saw Amanda and her co-host Ashley Roberts face five challenges in as many days. Each challenge, including navigating the Thames River in a yellow kayak, had to be completed within a strict one-hour time frame. The duo's determination and Amanda's spectacular tandem jump with The Wings Parachute Display Team added an extra layer of mesmerizing drama to the charity efforts.

Festive: The radio presenter elevated her frame in a pair of towering silver dazzling heels as she swirled around showcasing the dress

Amanda's commitment to philanthropy, combined with her glamorous appearances, continues to solidify her status as a multi-faceted and beloved personality. As audiences eagerly await the Baylis & Harding Christmas TV advert, they can rest assured that Amanda Holden will continue to grace both screens and charitable endeavors with her signature style and infectious enthusiasm, making this holiday season all the more festive and memorable.


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