Amanda Holden reveals secret to staying young

Amanda Holden reveals secret to staying young
Published 5 months ago on Jan 07, 2024

 As the judge on Britain's Got Talent, Amanda consistently turns heads with her flawless skin, glossy hair, and an ageless glow. Fans often wonder, "How does she manage to look sexier now than she did in her 20s?" Well, the answer lies in a combination of affordable beauty products, skincare routines, fitness habits, and a positive outlook on life.

Revolution Pro Collaboration: Amanda's Affordable Beauty Line

Amanda's recent collaboration with Revolution Pro has brought forth a range of skincare products that contribute to her radiant look. The high-street brand is known for its affordable yet effective products, and Amanda's collection is no exception. The Wonderplump Cream Duo, priced at £12, is highlighted as a key element for achieving fresh-faced, plumped, and sculpted skin.

One standout product is the lip and fine line filler primer, an £8 gem that Revolution Pro claims to be "Amanda’s best-kept secret to flawless skin." The collection also includes a £10 under-eye serum and an £8 lip oil, providing a "mirror-like shine" without any stickiness. Amanda herself swears by the Revolution Pro X Amanda Holden Diamond Kiss Lip Oil, emphasizing its importance in her makeup routine.

In addition to these products, Amanda shared some unconventional beauty tips, like using cement on brick walls to smooth hangnails—an insight into her practical approach to maintaining her beauty.

Skincare Secrets: Nivea, Barbara Sturm, and More

For Amanda, achieving flawless makeup starts with healthy skin. She emphasizes the importance of not using the same skincare product for more than six months, advocating for variety to keep the skin responsive. Amanda incorporates products from various brands into her routine, including Revolution Pro's Glycolic Acid Toner, which she praises for its makeup removal and resurfacing properties.

Amanda's skincare arsenal includes products from Barbara Sturm and Dr. Levy, showcasing a mix of high-end and affordable options. While endorsing the effectiveness of certain premium products, Amanda also appreciates the value of Nivea, a brand her husband uses and swears by. The television personality believes in the power of switching up skincare routines to keep the skin vibrant and receptive to treatments.

Luscious Locks with Charles Worthington: Affordable Haircare

Amanda Holden's enviable hair, a feature she often flaunts as the face of Charles Worthington, comes with a surprisingly affordable price tag. The Charles Worthington Thicker & Fuller Shampoo and Conditioner, priced at £8.99, are Amanda's go-to products for maintaining her signature locks. As the brand's ambassador since 2021, Amanda values the wealth of experience and understanding that Charles Worthington brings to women her age.

In a social media post, Amanda expressed her passion for empowering everyone to have great hair, emphasizing the importance of looking after one's hair. The affordability and effectiveness of the Charles Worthington range align with Amanda's belief that everyone deserves the chance to care for their hair.

Fitness, Diet, and Body Confidence

Amanda Holden's toned physique is a result of a consistent fitness routine and a mindful approach to diet. She maintains her figure with three runs a week and a daily one-minute plank. Amanda's commitment to staying body-confident is evident in her statement: "If you feel happy and body-confident, wear the bikini. It’s just madness. You will never find me in a bathing suit!”

A vegetarian diet and regular exercise contribute to Amanda's overall well-being, but she also emphasizes the importance of balance. Indulging in treats like wine and doughnuts is part of her philosophy to enjoy life without denying oneself. Amanda's body-positive attitude shines through as she celebrates her age, looks, and the joy of living in the moment.

Wellness and Self-Care: Kundalini Yoga, Collagen, and Positive Mindset

Amanda Holden's wellness routine extends beyond fitness and skincare. She practices Kundalini yoga weekly, citing its benefits for breath, energy, and strength. Amanda attributes the positive effects of Revive Collagen to her hair growth, endorsing the supplement in her daily routine.

Incorporating self-care rituals, such as massages and facials, Amanda prioritizes her well-being. A sleep app aids her nightly routine, contributing to a restful and rejuvenating sleep. Amanda's approach to wellness is grounded in a positive mindset, encouraging others to appreciate themselves, discard unnecessary worries, and embrace life with confidence.

Passion for Fashion: Lipsy Clothing Range

Amanda Holden's fashion sense complements her timeless beauty. As the face of Lipsy's clothing range, Amanda aims to empower women by offering a collection that is flattering for all shapes and sizes. Her collaboration with Lipsy focuses on creating classic, versatile pieces at a good price point. Amanda's commitment to authenticity and belief in the range's quality reflects her dedication to endorsing products aligned with her values.

In conclusion, Amanda Holden's age-defying secrets encompass a holistic approach to beauty, skincare, fitness, and well-being. From affordable beauty collaborations to practical skincare tips, Amanda's openness about her routine provides valuable insights for those seeking to enhance their own beauty and confidence. As Amanda herself advocates, embracing one's uniqueness, enjoying life, and fostering a positive self-image are key elements to radiating beauty at any age.


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