AMANDA Holden's daughter Lexi leaves fans jaw dropped

AMANDA Holden's daughter Lexi leaves fans  jaw dropped
Published 1 years ago on Mar 04, 2023

AMANDA Holden's fans couldn't believe how much her daughter Lexi looked like her in her latest photo.

Amanda,52,  took a photo of her 17-year-old daughter and shared it with her 1.9million followers on Instagram.

The teenager wore a cut-out 1920s style dress, as she appeared to looking very similar to her mum.

Fans immediately commented on their resemblance, and one typed: "Mini mum. Beautiful xx"

A second remarked: "@noholdenback and Lexi twins and another penned: "Beautiful just like your mama!"

Amanda also glammed up for their night out together, and wore a floor-length gown, which featured a slit high up on her thigh.

The star shares Lexi and Hollie, 11, with  record producer Chris Hughes.

Speaking on her Heart radio show, the Britain's Got Talent judge recently admitted that she won't let her daughters join Love Island. 

Speaking to both Amanda and Jamie Theakston, former Pussycat Dolls star Ashley Roberts reported the happy news about the birth of molly Mae and Tommy Fury's first child.

But she then asked the presenting pair if either of them would let their kids go on Love Island. 

Both of the radio personalities were firmly in the negative camp.

Amanda said: "No way.. my daughter’s 18 next year!"

Meanwhile Jamie replied: "You don't go on that show to find love. We're not.. do you know what I mean it's just manipulative."

As the conversation went on, Amanda did not mince her words about her real thoughts behind the popular romance competition.

The media personality seemed to think the people on the show are not genuine.

She explained: "It's just another way of being famous, isn't it really? It's not really about love.

"It's just about looking hot and just getting involved.

"I mean, it's just amazing telly but it's not really for love so I don't want my daughter anywhere near [it]."


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