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AMANDA Holden's flesh-flashing outfits frequently leave viewers getting more than an eyeful of the TV judge

AMANDA Holden's flesh-flashing outfits frequently leave viewers getting more than an eyeful of the TV judge
Published 3 months ago on Dec 22, 2023

The BGT star's latest offering was the cleavage-popping silk dress she recently wore on The One Show sparking boob-related complaints.

The curve-clinging outfit left fans red-faced as she chatted to the BBC hosts.

The 52-year-old showed off the plunging neckline and daring leg split during the show - and viewers didn't know where to look with some viewers losing their appetite as they watched the interview from home.

One social media user wrote: "Please tell @AmandaHolden to put her nipples away. We’re sitting eating our dinner with the children and it’s totally inappropriate."

The BGT judge isn't one to hold back when it comes to showing off her curves in thigh-high slit dresses, dresses slashed to the navel and bottom-revealing gowns.

At the weekend, the bold star warned Britain's Got Talent viewers that her cleavage-enhancing dress was too tight ahead of the BGT show.

The judge on the ITV talent show posted a clip from the show to her Instagram showing her struggling to move her arms in the red dress.

Her collection of boob-flashing sexy outfits throughout the series has often come under fire by parents and viewers who deemed her see-through cream outfit too racy for early evening TV.

But she has vowed to never stop wearing revealing dresses on the show and admits she's "horrified" she ever covered up in jeans.

She previously said about her former sartorial style: "I was horrified by my look in the early days... I wore jeans, my eyebrows were over-plucked.

"Simon's the only one who wears jeans these days!"

Amanda recently revealed she “loves” people talking about her “tired old breasts," despite receiving Ofcom complaints for a number of her outfits in May.

She was previously slammed by trolls after wearing a see-through dress on Britain's Got Talent. Some viewers were less than happy at her racy choice of attire, deeming it "unsuitable" for a "family show".

But her skimpy outfits on Britain's Got Talent have got her mum's seal of approval.

The telly judge and radio presenter says she won't tone down her dress sense as she grows nearer to turning 53.

She said about her saucy dresses: "When my mum was 48 she wouldn’t have dared wear a mini skirt, because she’s of the era where you wouldn’t dare get your knees out if you were nearly 50.

"Whereas I look at Kylie and J-Lo and think, well if she’s still doing it, I’m still doing it.”

During Britain’s Got Talent, Amanda faced Ofcom investigations for the risque outfits that she wore throughout the live semi-finals.

However, she paid the complaints no mind, and her style remains as daring as ever with the radio host opting for thigh skimming miniskirts and figure-hugging dresses at work.

The BGT judge now regularly takes to Instagram to share her outfits with followers.

Her 1.2 million strong following are quick to praise her style choices, and often flood the comment section with praise.

And Amanda remains defiant towards any kind of backlash - even when the  judge’s eye-popping outfit drew 216 complaints to Ofcom, with some viewers accusing her of dressing like a stripper.

She added: "Of course, I have fun on Britain’s Got Talent – it’s the perfect opportunity to take risks.

Speaking previously about her revealing outfits on Britain's Got Talent, she told The Sun that there had been "no complaints at home" about her dresses.

She said: "My t*ts seem to become the show’s biggest talking point every year.

“We’ve had plenty of complaints apparently, but none from home, let me tell you.”

She said about not dressing 'her age': "Times have changed and I don’t feel anyone should feel pressure to dress for your age.

"It’s all about body positivity and feeling good."

As one of the UK's top-earning female TV stars she's estimated to rake in more than £5million a year.


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