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Amanda Holden's Hilarious Home Revelry

Amanda Holden's Hilarious Home Revelry
Published 8 months ago on Nov 29, 2023

Radio luminary and beloved Britain's Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden, recently graced her Heart Breakfast show with Jamie Theakston with some delightful revelations about the merits of enjoying a tipple at home versus a night out on the town. The candid conversation was sparked by former Little Mix member Jesy Nelson's recent podcast remarks, where she expressed her aversion to solo home drinking, a sentiment not shared by her bandmate Perrie Edwards. Amanda, always quick with a humorous anecdote, shared her own perspective on the matter, adding a touch of laughter to the airwaves.

Amanda Holden loves a good drink at home (Image: Instagram)

During the Steths, Drugs & Rock ’n’ Roll podcast, Jesy Nelson candidly expressed her preference against the solitary act of home drinking. She shared, "Perrie just loves sitting at home drinking wine to herself. I hate wine, I couldn't think of anything worse, for me the enjoyment of being drunk is just being with my friends and having fun." Jesy concluded with a resolute "I wouldn't get enjoyment from just sitting at home getting drunk on my own." The topic sparked a lively discussion on Heart UK Breakfast, with Jamie Theakston admitting he tended to agree with Jesy. Amanda, always ready for a laugh, revealed that her husband, Chris Hughes, also leaned towards Jesy's viewpoint.

In a playful moment, Amanda joked with Jamie about the aftermath of indulging in a glass of wine at home, humorously describing how she would "crawl up the stairs after" a cozy evening. This light-hearted banter provided a glimpse into Amanda's down-to-earth and relatable personality, endearing her to listeners who appreciate her authenticity.

Amanda, not a stranger to sharing glimpses of her life, previously showcased her penchant for at-home imbibing. Last year, she posted about her home bar in Surrey, a fully-stocked haven for her favorite libations. A captivating Instagram photo captured her savoring a large Gin and Tonic, with a caption that read, "It’s #G&T in my #PJ’s! Thrilled with my bar renovation! #interiordesign #bubble #lights and #barstools @sweetpeaandwillow my new obsession !!!" The post not only showcased her taste for interior design but also resonated with those who appreciate creating a cozy space for relaxation at home.

Amanda said she didn't agree with Jamie Theakston and Jesy Nelson that drinking isn't best at home

This light-hearted discussion on the joys of home drinking comes amidst Amanda's ongoing media presence, including her role as a judge on Britain's Got Talent. The charismatic personality, known for her quick wit and sense of humor, recently spoke to You magazine about being a focal point during the show and the good-natured discussions around what she affectionately calls her "tired old breasts." Amanda shared, "I love it that people are still talking about my tired old breasts and I'm nearly 50! No one talks about Alesha Dixon's – she's got great boobs by the way – and she's eight years younger than me. Age is totally irrelevant, thanks to people like J-Lo, who is 48 and just a sexy, hot woman who dresses for how she feels."

In the interview, Amanda embraced the ongoing conversations about her appearance, playfully contrasting the attention on her with the comparative lack of discussion around Alesha Dixon's physique. Her upbeat attitude and self-confidence shone through as she emphasized the irrelevance of age when it comes to feeling attractive.

As fans eagerly await Amanda's return for the live finals of the latest Britain's Got Talent series, her humorous anecdotes and down-to-earth demeanor add a refreshing touch to the show's dynamics. The live studio shows were delayed due to the global pandemic, but Amanda's return to the judging panel promises to bring more laughter and entertainment to audiences.

Amanda Holden shelled out on a swanky bar for her home last year (Image: Instagram)

In conclusion, Amanda Holden's recent musings on the joys of home drinking, coupled with her candid discussions on personal topics, showcase her relatable and humorous side. Whether she's joking about crawling up the stairs after a glass of wine or embracing the talk about her appearance, Amanda's authenticity resonates with fans, making her a beloved figure on and off the airwaves. As she gears up for her return to Britain's Got Talent, audiences can look forward to more of Amanda's infectious laughter and entertaining banter.


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