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Amanda Holden's Playful Nod to Sharon Stone's Iconic Scene Creates Buzz at Global Radio Studios

Amanda Holden's Playful Nod to Sharon Stone's Iconic Scene Creates Buzz at Global Radio Studios
Published 2 months ago on Jan 03, 2024

Amanda Holden, the bubbly presenter and actress, brought a touch of Hollywood glamour to London's Global Radio Studios with her playful nod to Sharon Stone's iconic Basic Instinct scene. The 49-year-old star delighted her 1.5 million Instagram followers by striking a coquettish pose reminiscent of Stone's infamous interrogation scene from the 1992 thriller. Amanda's breezy wrap dress and stylish accessories added to the chic allure as she made her way to the studio with her characteristic cheerful smile.

A Stylish Entrance 

Earlier in the day, Amanda Holden turned heads on her way to the Leicester Square studio in an elegant black wrap dress with a belted waist. The ensemble not only showcased her leggy frame but also paid homage to Sharon Stone's captivating pose. Amanda's stylish entrance was complemented by distinctive backless heels, a black leather handbag, and heavily tinted sunglasses. Fans, quick to draw parallels with the Basic Instinct scene, flooded the comments, praising Amanda's playful homage.

This isn't the first time Amanda has channeled Sharon Stone's pose; a recent Instagram post featuring a green leopard print minidress also drew comparisons, with followers playfully noting the resemblance. Despite the cheeky nods to the iconic scene, Amanda's radiant smile and fashion-forward choices kept the atmosphere light-hearted and fun.

Weekend Getaway Bliss

Amanda Holden had reason to radiate cheerfulness after enjoying a romantic weekend getaway with her husband, Chris Hughes, at the historic Cliveden House in Berkshire. The presenter shared glimpses of their idyllic retreat on social media, expressing gratitude to the staff for their impeccable hospitality. Cliveden House, steeped in history and frequented by famous faces like President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Meghan Markle, provided the perfect backdropp for Amanda and Chris's romantic escape.

Taking to Instagram, Amanda shared, "Had the best #romantic #weekend with #Chrispy in this historic and infamous place steeped in history." The couple reveled in the opulent surroundings, and Amanda's joyful updates captured the essence of their time away from the bustling city. The luxurious Cliveden House, known for hosting notable personalities, added a touch of glamour to Amanda's weekend retreat.

Amanda Holden's charismatic entrance at Global Radio Studios, playfully echoing Sharon Stone's iconic scene, showcased her flair for blending style with a sense of humor. As fans delighted in the cheeky references, Amanda's radiant smile and chic ensemble set a lively tone for her day at the studio. Meanwhile, her romantic weekend escapade with husband Chris Hughes at Cliveden House offered a glimpse into the presenter's blissful moments beyond the spotlight, adding another layer to Amanda's multifaceted persona.



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