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Amanda Holden's Wardrobe Mishap: BGT Star Flashes Knickers and Stuns Fans with Leggy Display

Amanda Holden's Wardrobe Mishap: BGT Star Flashes Knickers and Stuns Fans with Leggy Display
Published 7 months ago on Jul 29, 2023

However, the 50-year-old celebrity suffered an unintentional wardrobe malfunction during her twirl, flashing her knickers to the camera. The blonde beauty was showcasing her long legs in a chic floral wraparound dress outside the Heart Radio studios. Let's delve into the mishap that left fans surprised and Amanda's graceful response to the incident.

Amanda Holden, the beloved Britain's Got Talent star, left her Instagram followers in awe with a captivating slow-motion video showcasing her spring-inspired fashion. The 50-year-old beauty was elegantly dressed in a mid-length floral wraparound dress while posing outside the Heart Radio studios. The dress featured a thigh-high split at the center, highlighting her tanned and toned legs, which she gracefully complemented with open-toed nude heels.

In her Instagram post, Amanda tagged the designer and captioned it with "@noholdenback #Morning feeling very #spring like today in this gorgeous floral #dress @melissaodabash."

While the video garnered immense attention, fans quickly noticed an unintentional wardrobe malfunction. During her graceful twirl, Amanda's underwear briefly became visible, leading to amused comments from social media users.

Despite the wardrobe mishap, Amanda Holden took the situation in stride and continued to exude confidence and grace. The video has already received over 200,000 views and sparked an enthusiastic response from her 1.7 million followers.

Social media users commented playfully on the incident, with one viewer good-humoredly noting, "Can see your knickers Mrs," and another adding, "Knicker flash." While some teased about the unexpected glimpse, others left lighthearted messages, advising her to be cautious during her twirls.

Following the Instagram post, Amanda later shared a snap of herself against the floral background, once again showcasing her radiant personality and elegant style, regardless of the minor mishap.

Amanda Holden recently celebrated her 50th birthday, expressing gratitude to her husband, music producer Chris Hughes, and her daughters Lexi, 15, and Hollie, nine, for making her milestone birthday special.

The talented judge's wardrobe malfunction adds a human touch to her glamorous public persona, endearing her even more to her adoring fans.

Amanda Holden's wardrobe malfunction during a slow-motion video on Instagram garnered both amusement and admiration from her followers. The BGT star's grace and poise prevailed, despite the accidental flash of her knickers while flaunting her enviable legs in a chic floral wraparound dress. As a beloved celebrity and judge, Amanda continues to captivate her audience with her charisma and style, while reminding us all that even the most glamorous stars can experience relatable moments. Her genuine and humorous response to the wardrobe mishap only adds to her allure, making her an even more endearing figure in the hearts of her adoring fans.


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