Amanda Holden says 'I'm running around in pants as usual'

Amanda Holden says 'I'm running around in pants as usual'
Published 4 weeks ago on Jun 22, 2024

Amanda Holden Makes Headlines with Risqué Wardrobe Choice in Mallorca.

Amanda Holden, the 53-year-old judge of Britain's Got Talent, has once again set tongues wagging and headlines buzzing with her latest daring fashion statement. Known for her glamorous and often controversial outfits, Amanda was spotted in Mallorca during a steamy photo shoot where she didn't shy away from showing off her underwear.

In a series of candid shots and videos circulating online, Amanda Holden can be seen confidently strutting around barefoot on the streets of Mallorca. Her ensemble, comprising a stunning white gown paired with a sheer skirt, left little to the imagination as it revealed her white knickers underneath. The bold fashion choice was captured during a shoot for her upcoming TV show, Cheaters: Unfinished Business, slated to air on Netflix.

Known for her unabashed style and occasional Ofcom complaints for her daring outfits on Britain's Got Talent, Amanda seemed unfazed by any potential controversies as she flaunted her figure in the Balearic Islands. In one particularly cheeky clip shared on social media, she humorously quipped, "Just running around in my pants as per..." alongside a playful caption.

Fans and followers of the TV personality were quick to flood the comments section with admiration and compliments. "Super sexy, beautiful," exclaimed one fan, while another chimed in with, "Looking amazing Amanda as always! What an awesome location." The video quickly garnered attention, showcasing Amanda Holden's enduring appeal and knack for making headlines.

This latest fashion escapade comes on the heels of a playful jab from Katie Price, who jokingly suggested she could replace Amanda on the Britain's Got Talent judging panel. In recent weeks, Price had fun on social media by photoshopping herself into Amanda's photos, adding to the light-hearted banter between the two personalities.

During an appearance on Lewis Raymond's podcast, Life Reclaimed, Katie Price playfully remarked on Amanda's braless looks, contrasting her own style choices. "I'm not doing an Amanda Holden," Price quipped, humorously addressing the ongoing comparisons. Known for her candid demeanor, Katie also hinted at future cosmetic surgery plans, including a desire for further breast augmentation.

Meanwhile, Amanda Holden continues to capture attention not only for her television roles but also for her bold fashion choices that consistently make headlines. Her charisma and confidence have solidified her as a style icon and a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, with fans eagerly anticipating her next fashionable escapade.

As Amanda Holden's adventures in Mallorca unfold, her fans remain glued to their screens, awaiting more glimpses of her glamorous and audacious style. Whether she's on the red carpet or filming on location, Amanda Holden continues to embody elegance and allure, making waves wherever she goes. Stay tuned for more updates from this captivating personality as she navigates her latest television venture amidst the scenic backdropp of Mallorca.


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