Amanda Holden says she “hates wearing clothes” after seeing naked men in Corfu

Amanda Holden says she “hates wearing clothes” after seeing naked men in Corfu
Published 1 years ago on Mar 14, 2023

The TV star is no stranger to sharing stunning bikini snaps online and confessed to her pal: "I hate wearing clothes".


Amanda, 52, made the off-the-cuff remark on a walk in the sweltering heat in Sicily.

Meandering through the ancient town, she said: "I hate wearing clothes" to which Alan replied: "You are basically a nudist."

Agreeing, Amanda admitted: "I am actually.

"I saw so many willies in Corfu."

Newly single Alan quipped: "Ohhh, I might go there."



Last year Amanda posed nude and perched on top of giant birthday cake, biting into a cherry.

The pictures showed off her incredible age defying figure and her natural beauty.

She said she is determined to "make these years count" and has shown no signs of slowing down in her fifties.

Amanda cracks the whip with best mate Alan for a remarkable refurb in the new travel series, Italian Job, which was filmed in Italy last summer.


Alan told The Sun ahead of the launch: "I thought she was gonna be moaning about breaking an acrylic (nail), but she was all: 'Come on, Alan.'

"I thought we deserved a tea break and Amanda was like: 'No, Alan, no!'

"The thing is, it's hard as we're doing all this stuff and the weather is scorching.

"I know you're thinking: 'Oh, lovely.' But when you've got a hard hat on and steel toe-cap boots, I was wringing my jumpsuit out.

"Amanda still looks fabulous in a jumpsuit - I looked like a Teletubby."


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