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Amanda Holden Shines in Silver Corset Gown at BGT Final

Amanda Holden Shines in Silver Corset Gown at BGT Final
Published 1 months ago on Jun 05, 2024

Amanda Holden Defies Critics with Daring Gown in Sun-Soaked Snaps.

Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden continues to turn heads with her fashion choices, this time basking in the sun by a pool while rocking the daring silver gown that sparked controversy during the show's finale.

A History of Racy Ensembles

Holden, 53, is no stranger to pushing boundaries with her outfits on the popular talent show. Her penchant for bold looks has garnered significant attention, with some viewers even filing complaints with media regulator Ofcom over the perceived inappropriateness of her attire for a family-oriented program.

The "NippleGate" Gown

For the live finals held at the Eventim Apollo, Holden opted for her most revealing ensemble yet. The silver gown featured a plunging corset that accentuated her cleavage and transitioned into a sheer silver mesh skirt. Stunning poolside snaps captured the outfit in all its glory, seemingly a playful response to the recent backlash.

Hitting Back with Humor

Holden took the criticisms in stride, even using humor to deflect them. She playfully captioned a photo, "#NippleGate but for once... it's not me," jokingly referencing a past controversy and tagging fellow judge Bruno Tonioli, subtly shifting the focus.

A Pattern of Complaints

Holden's fashion choices are a consistent source of discussion and debate among viewers. Some past outfits have ignited controversy, like the Julien MacDonald gown she wore in the 2017 semifinals, which received a staggering 663 Ofcom complaints. The plunging neckline and revealing back cut-outs were deemed inappropriate by some viewers, though Ofcom ultimately decided not to pursue an investigation.

Similar controversies arose in 2019 with a sheer dress and in 2020 with plunging gowns by Nicolas Jebran and Saiid Kobeisy, each attracting multiple Ofcom complaints.

Defending Herself

Holden remains unfazed by the criticism, defending her right to express herself through fashion. In a 2022 interview, she championed taking risks and encouraged embracing a bolder style. She also pointed out the double standard where her outfits receive scrutiny while Alesha Dixon's more revealing choices go largely unnoticed.

Unwavering Confidence

Despite the complaints, Holden remains confident in her fashion choices. She has addressed the negativity on social media, highlighting the relatively small number of complaints compared to the overall viewership and questioning the focus on her attire.

A Talking Point

Love them or hate them, Amanda Holden's Britain's Got Talent outfits are guaranteed to spark conversation. Whether it's pushing the boundaries of taste or simply celebrating self-expression, her sartorial choices are a distinctive element of the show.


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