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Amanda Holden Shocks BGT: MAJOR Rule Broken Again

Amanda Holden Shocks BGT: MAJOR Rule Broken Again
Published 2 weeks ago on Feb 09, 2024

Amanda Holden Shakes Up BGT Yet Again: Breaking Major Rules During Manchester Auditions.

Amanda Holden has reportedly thrown the Britain's Got Talent into chaos, as she followed in the footsteps of judge Bruno Tonioli by breaking a major rule

In a shocking turn of events, Amanda Holden, one of the esteemed judges of Britain's Got Talent (BGT), has reportedly thrown the show into disarray for the second consecutive year. Following in the footsteps of fellow judge Bruno Tonioli, Holden has broken a significant rule during the ongoing auditions in Manchester.

The buzz surrounding the auditions in Manchester escalated when it was revealed that Amanda Holden utilized her Golden Buzzer for a second time this season. Despite having already used her buzzer during the London auditions, Holden couldn't resist pressing it again for an act she found exceptionally impressive.

Reports suggest that the act in question was a Japanese comedian, whose performance featured unique impressions using his hair. Holden was evidently captivated by the talent on display and made the impromptu decision to send the act straight through to the semi-finals by pressing the coveted Golden Buzzer.

Auditions for the new series have continued in Manchester this week, and it's been reported that Amanda pressed her Golden Buzzer for one act, despite having used hers already

This season of BGT has seen a notable increase in the generosity of the judges when it comes to utilizing the Golden Buzzer. Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, and Bruno Tonioli have all hit the button within the first 20 acts of the auditions, signaling a more enthusiastic reception to the talent on display.

According to a source cited by The Sun, Bruno Tonioli was moved to the point of tears by a dance act, prompting him to be the first to press his Golden Buzzer. Simon Cowell followed suit, sending a Japanese dance act through to the live shows with his buzzer. Finally, Amanda Holden was impressed by a female theatre singer and decided to grant her a shot in the live rounds by pressing her buzzer.

The recent Manchester auditions also saw the return of Simon Cowell, who had been forced to withdraw from filming due to illness. Cowell, sporting his signature all-black ensemble, arrived at The Lowry on Tuesday to resume filming after recovering from a severe headache that had previously sidelined him.

While Cowell had been spotted wearing 'blue light filter' glasses in previous appearances, this time, he opted for his classic aviators. Sources close to Cowell reassured fans about his health, stating that he is in excellent condition and has been actively engaging in fitness routines such as biking and Pilates to maintain his well-being.

Cowell's absence from filming had caused a minor disruption, with sources revealing his frustration at being unable to participate fully in the auditions. However, he managed to return for subsequent rounds in Manchester, ensuring that the show's production remained on track.

With the Manchester auditions underway and the judges showcasing their enthusiasm by utilizing their Golden Buzzers, the upcoming season of Britain's Got Talent promises to be filled with excitement and remarkable talent. As the auditions continue, fans eagerly await the unveiling of the next batch of aspiring performers vying for the ultimate prize on one of the nation's most beloved talent shows.


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