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Amanda Holden Steals the Spotlight in Money Dress as Heart Radio Awards £1 Million Prize

Amanda Holden Steals the Spotlight in Money Dress as Heart Radio Awards £1 Million Prize
Published 2 months ago on Dec 21, 2023

 The Heart Radio presenter, known for her quirky lockdown antics, has taken it up a notch by arriving at work in a dress made entirely of money.

Holden, who co-hosts the breakfast show with Jamie Theakston, chose the unique outfit to coincide with Heart's "Make Me a Millionaire" competition, where one lucky winner secured the largest cash prize ever given away on radio—£1 million.

Holden's Instagram account, boasting 1.4 million followers, has become a hub for entertaining glimpses into her lockdown life. From TikTok videos featuring her children to behind-the-scenes looks at the radio station's offices, Holden continues to lift spirits during these challenging times.

The money dress, a creation by Grace Lane Studio, a London-based dressmaker, was showcased by Holden's stylist, Karl Willett, on Instagram. The collaboration was hailed as "the dream team," and Willett expressed excitement, saying, "Someone’s life will change forever today."

While fans were quick to marvel at the dress, some questioned if the banknotes were real. Despite the playful illusion, Holden's followers praised the ensemble, with former "The Only Way Is Essex" star Jess Wright exclaiming, "OMG fabulous!" Another fan remarked, "Only Amanda can go outside in a money dress."

Holden's lighthearted approach to lockdown is evident in her social media content. In one of her recent videos, she humorously pretends to dial the phone using her cat's paw, a popular TikTok trend. Another amusing video features her two daughters, Hollie (8) and Alexa (14), dancing during a home-schooling break, adding a dose of fun to their routine.

As Amanda Holden continues to surprise and entertain, her followers eagerly anticipate what the 49-year-old will come up with next. In these challenging times, her infectious sense of humor serves as a delightful distraction and a source of joy for fans across the nation.


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