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Amanda Holden stuns in thigh-split dress in Mallorca

Amanda Holden stuns in thigh-split dress in Mallorca
Published 1 months ago on Jun 19, 2024

Amanda Holden Flashes Knickers in Thigh-Split Dress: Sizzling Photoshoot in Mallorca.

Amanda Holden, the charismatic 53-year-old TV presenter, turned heads in Mallorca as she playfully flashed her underwear during a steamy photoshoot. Sporting a white bodysuit paired with a flowing skirt featuring a daring thigh-high split, Amanda exuded confidence as she filmed scenes for an upcoming project.

Accompanied by the classic tune "I'm Like A Bird" by Nelly Furtado, Amanda showcased her statuesque beauty against the picturesque backdropp of central Mallorca. Her blonde locks cascaded freely as she posed in windows and against walls, her makeup highlighting a natural yet glamorous look.

In a cheeky Instagram post, Amanda humorously captioned her antics, "Just running around in my pants as per … 🤍," prompting a flood of admiration from fans. Comments poured in, praising her stunning appearance and the captivating setting.

Since wrapping up the Britain's Got Talent finale, Amanda swiftly jetted off to Mallorca to commence filming for her anticipated Netflix series. Amidst her busy schedule, she has shared glimpses of her adventures, from exploring iconic landmarks like the Palma de Mallorca Cathedral to encountering unexpected moments, such as a memorable encounter with a naked man on the streets.

Amanda's latest venture extends beyond her glamorous appearances. Recently named the host of Netflix's upcoming reality show, Cheaters: Unfinished Business, she is set to navigate the complexities of relationships and infidelity on screen. Discussing her excitement for the project on her Heart Radio show, Amanda expressed enthusiasm about delving into the diverse stories of couples confronting their pasts.

Reflecting on her role, Amanda mused on forgiveness and second chances in relationships, hinting at the show's nuanced approach to love and redemption. Set for release in 2025, Cheaters: Unfinished Business promises to showcase Amanda's versatility as a presenter and her passion for exploring human connections.

For fans eagerly anticipating Amanda Holden's next career move, her journey through Mallorca and beyond promises to be filled with both glamour and heartfelt storytelling. Stay tuned for updates as Amanda continues to captivate audiences with her charm and relatable approach to life and love.


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