Amanda Holden takes to social media to share sizzling snaps

Amanda Holden takes to social media to share sizzling snaps
Published 3 weeks ago on Jun 23, 2024

Amanda Holden Stuns in Bikini Photos While Filming New Netflix Dating Show in Mallorca.

Amanda Holden has set social media ablaze after sharing a series of sizzling bikini photos taken while filming her new Netflix dating show in Mallorca. The 53-year-old actress and television personality showcased her incredible figure in a skimpy two-piece, leaving fans speechless and questioning her ageless beauty.

Holden, a familiar face on British television and a judge on the popular talent show "Britain's Got Talent," is known for her bold fashion choices and isn't afraid to turn heads. Her latest social media post has certainly done just that, garnering a significant amount of attention and sparking conversations about her youthful appearance.

In the photos, Holden basks in the Mallorcan sunshine, sporting a vibrant bikini from her own Lipsy London collection. The eye-catching two-piece perfectly complements her toned physique, and her caption on the post playfully reads: "Wearing my fave bikini from my @lipsylondon range."

The response from her fans has been overwhelmingly positive. Many flooded the comments section with compliments, praising her stunning looks and positive energy. One fan wrote, "Just stunning Amanda, you always look amazing and brighten my day," while another echoed the sentiment, saying, "Simply stunning Amanda, real classy bikini."

The admiration continued with comments like "Stunning Amanda. Just love you. Thank you for your positive energy and spreading joy. Hope to meet you one day" and "Looking absolutely gorgeous." Some fans even expressed disbelief at her age, with comments like "Don’t mind the heart attack" and the surprised question, "YOU'RE HOW OLD??"

This latest social media moment isn't the only exciting news surrounding Holden. Last month, she revealed her involvement in the upcoming Netflix series "Cheaters: Unfinished Business," a show focused on second chances in love. Sharing her enthusiasm on Instagram, Holden wrote, "Sometimes dreams really do come true! ! All my career I always wanted to host a show about love and relationships - this is it!"

She continued, explaining the show's concept: "'Cheaters: Unfinished Business' is a @netflixuk series about second chances. I can't wait, along with our experts, to meet and help these couples work out whether they can forgive and forget. I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of it and cannot wait to start filming in June."

With her captivating looks and involvement in a highly anticipated dating series, Amanda Holden continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Her social media presence remains vibrant, and fans eagerly await further updates on "Cheaters: Unfinished Business" to see her take on the role of host in this intriguing exploration of love and reconciliation.


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