Amir Khan forgets daughter in £120k range rover sent to valet

Amir Khan forgets daughter in £120k range rover sent to valet
Published 2 weeks ago on Jul 04, 2024

Amir Khan's Hilarious Parenting Mishap: Forgets Daughter in Valet Service.

Former boxing champion Amir Khan found himself in a spot of trouble recently, and it wasn't in the ring! The 37-year-old accidentally left his six-year-daughter Alayna in the back seat of his car when he handed it over for a valet service in Dubai.

A Range Rover Ride... Almost Without a Passenger

Khan, a light-welterweight world champion in his prime, made the innocent yet forgetful mistake while enjoying his time in Dubai. He entrusted his prized possession, a luxurious £120,000 Range Rover, to a valet service for a quick clean. In the usual rush of handing over the keys, one crucial detail slipped his mind - his daughter Alayna was fast asleep in the back seat.

Social Media Snafu Captures the Moment

While the incident itself might have caused some initial panic, Khan documented the entire ordeal on his social media (the video has since been deleted). The clip captured the Range Rover returning to him, with Khan saying, "Sent the car for valet and guess what?"

The suspense builds as the camera pans to Khan seemingly talking to the driver, admitting his forgetfulness: "I've left the daughter in the car, boss. Can you open the door?"

Alayna's Reaction Steals the Show

The moment of truth arrives as the back door swings open, revealing Alayna clutching a pink phone. Her initial expression? A look that could only be described as pure disapproval directed at her dad, the former boxing champ! Thankfully, the mood quickly shifts as Khan scoops her up, and a smile returns to Alayna's face.

Social Media Erupts in Laughter (and Relief)

While the situation could have potentially been dangerous, Khan's fans found humor in his forgetfulness, particularly Alayna's initial reaction. Comments flooded social media, with one user saying, "That look when Amir opened the door. Hope you did something nice for her." Another chimed in with, "The look on her face lol." The sentiment was clear - Alayna was definitely not amused! Thankfully, the lighthearted tone prevailed, with many simply commenting, "She's livid."

Khan and Makhdoom: A Family of Five

Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom share three children: Lamaisah (10), Alayna (6), and Muhammad (4). While this incident might go down as a funny family memory, it serves as a reminder for busy parents to double-check the back seats before handing over the keys!

From the Boxing Ring to the Dad Hall of Fame (Almost)

Despite the momentary lapse in memory, Khan continues to be a beloved figure in the world of sports. This lighthearted mishap showcases his relatable side, proving that even world champions can have hilariously human moments.


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