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Argentinian Drama ''You Burn Me'' Heads to North America

Argentinian Drama ''You Burn Me'' Heads to North America
Published 3 months ago on Apr 22, 2024

Argentinean Auteur's "You Burn Me" Acquired by Cinema Guild for North American Release.

Argentinean Auteur's "You Burn Me" Acquired by Cinema Guild for North American Release

Festival Darling "You Burn Me" Explores Life, Death, and Desire - North American Release Secured by Cinema Guild 

Cinema Guild has secured the North American distribution rights for "You Burn Me" (original title: "Tú me abrasas"), the latest film by acclaimed Argentinian director Matías Piñeiro. Following its well-received world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) earlier this year, "You Burn Me" is poised to captivate North American audiences with its unique exploration of loss, desire, and the complexities of adaptation.

From Berlinale to North American Screens

"You Burn Me" debuted in the Encounters section of the prestigious Berlinale in February 2024. The film continued its festival run, earning a special mention from the jury at Paris's Cinéma du réel documentary film festival in March. Cinema Guild plans a theatrical release for "You Burn Me" in North America, following its yet-to-be-announced premiere at a major North American film festival later this year.

Beyond "You Burn Me": A Celebration of Piñeiro's Work

Cinema Guild's acquisition extends beyond "You Burn Me." The distribution company has also secured the rights to three of Piñeiro's earlier films: "The Stolen Man" (2007), "They All Lie" (2009), and "Rosalinda." While "You Burn Me" receives a theatrical release, "Rosalinda" will be available on home video and digital platforms, offering audiences a chance to delve deeper into Piñeiro's filmography.

An Intimate Exploration of Loss and Desire

"You Burn Me" is an adaptation of "Sea Foam," a chapter from Cesare Pavese's philosophical work "Dialogues with Leucò." The film delves into intimate themes of death and desire, while simultaneously posing a challenge – the exploration of adapting text to the cinematic medium. The narrative centers around a fictional dialogue between the ancient Greek poet Sappho and the nymph Britomartis, played by Piñeiro collaborators Gabi Saidón and María Villar.

Beyond the Dialogue: A Layered Exploration

While the film presents the dialogue between Sappho and Britomartis, Piñeiro goes beyond a straightforward adaptation. He weaves in additional layers, including fragmentary poems by Sappho, the circumstances surrounding Pavese's own tragic death, and even scientific facts about sea foam, highlighting its connection to both disease and fertility. These elements create a rich tapestry, enriching the film's thematic exploration.

Cinema Guild Praises Piñeiro's Brilliance

Cinema Guild's acquisition reflects their enthusiastic support for Piñeiro's artistic vision. In a statement, the company described "You Burn Me" as "a game of translation and memorization," praising its ability to potentially "save Sappho, Pavese, Piñeiro and the audience from oblivion."

Cinema Guild president Peter Kelly further emphasized their admiration for Piñeiro's artistry: "Matías Piñeiro is a true artist, a master of his craft who invents cinematic forms with each new film. With 'You Burn Me,' he's crafted something so full of life it practically burns through the screen."

A Promising Release and Exploration of Auteur Cinema

The acquisition of "You Burn Me" by Cinema Guild signifies a promising North American release for this thought-provoking film. This, coupled with the availability of Piñeiro's earlier works, offers audiences a chance to discover the unique cinematic voice of this acclaimed Argentinian director.


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