Ariana Madix changes house adress as she buys $1.6M home

Ariana Madix changes house adress as she buys $1.6M home
Published 4 weeks ago on Mar 25, 2024

Ariana Madix Makes a $1.6M Splash in LA Real Estate Following Split with Tom Sandoval.

Ariana Madix changes house adress as she buys $1.6M home 

Amidst the aftermath of a high-profile breakup with ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval, reality TV personality Ariana Madix has taken a significant step forward by purchasing a stunning $1.6 million Hollywood Hills home, according to exclusive details obtained by Page Six.

The "Vanderpump Rules" star, known for her vivacious presence on and off the screen, has made a bold move towards a fresh start in the wake of her split with Sandoval. Sources close to Madix revealed her excitement for this new chapter, highlighting her affection for the recently renovated mid-century modern property situated in the heart of Los Angeles.

Ariana Madix Makes a $1.6M Splash in LA Real Estate Following Split with Tom Sandoval

The new abode, originally constructed in 1962, boasts an array of desirable features, including three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open floor plan on the main level. The living room seamlessly connects with the dining area and a modern kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances and chic brass hardware, offering an inviting space for both relaxation and entertainment.

Upstairs, a generously-sized primary suite awaits, complete with a contemporary bathroom, a cozy seating area, and breathtaking views of the sprawling cityscape, including the iconic Hollywood sign. Outside, the private backyard provides ample space for gatherings, with room for up to 20 guests, while a secluded seating area and meditation deck offer panoramic views and tranquility.

Madix's acquisition of this new property marks a significant milestone in her journey towards independence following her split from Sandoval. The former couple, who endured a highly publicized breakup in March 2023 after nearly a decade together, continued to cohabit in a $2 million house they jointly purchased in 2019.

Madix's acquisition of this new property marks a significant milestone in her journey towards independence following her split from Sandoval

However, tensions arose as they navigated the complexities of dividing their shared assets. Madix, adamant about moving on from the past, pursued legal action in January 2024, filing a lawsuit against Sandoval to compel the sale of their shared home. Despite her efforts, Sandoval rejected her proposal in late February, leaving the matter unresolved pending a judge's decision.

Throughout this ordeal, Madix has remained steadfast in her pursuit of closure and autonomy. In a candid confession during a February 2024 episode of "Vanderpump Rules," she voiced her frustration with Sandoval's handling of the situation, asserting her right to move forward without being tethered to the past.

As Madix embarks on this new chapter in her life, supported by her boyfriend Daniel Wai, her investment in the Hollywood Hills property symbolizes resilience, strength, and a commitment to forging her own path. With a fresh start on the horizon, Madix's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of independence and self-determination in the face of adversity.

Ariana Madix Instagram: From Reality TV Star to Social Media Powerhouse 

Ariana Madix, a name familiar to fans of Bravo's hit reality show Vanderpump Rules, has become more than just a reality TV personality. She's cultivated a strong social media presence, particularly on Instagram.

Building a Brand

Madix uses her Instagram platform (username: @arianamadix) to showcase various aspects of her life. Followers get a glimpse into her life beyond the drama of Vanderpump Rules.

Content Variety

  • Fashion Forward: Madix's fashion sense is a major draw for many. She shares stylish outfits, often tagging brands she wears, making her a potential influencer for fashion labels.
  • Travel Enthusiast: Madix enjoys traveling and shares breathtaking photos from her adventures, inspiring followers and potentially promoting travel destinations.
  • Relationship Focus: Since going public with her new boyfriend, Daniel Wai, Madix includes occasional posts featuring their relationship, keeping fans updated on her personal life.

Engaging with Fans

Madix interacts with her followers through captions, stories, and even replies to comments. This engagement helps build a strong online community.

Beyond the Likes

Madix also uses her platform for social causes she cares about. Whether promoting mental health awareness or animal rescue efforts, she leverages her reach to make a positive impact.

A Look Ahead

Ariana Madix continues to evolve on social media. With her diverse content and genuine connection with followers, her Instagram presence is likely to keep growing and influence her future endeavors.


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