Arsenal Women Debut Exclusive Stella McCartney-Designed Away Kit as Aston Villa Faces Kit Troubles

Arsenal Women Debut Exclusive Stella McCartney-Designed Away Kit as Aston Villa Faces Kit Troubles
Published 5 months ago on Oct 02, 2023

 This exciting collaboration has both Arsenal fans and fashion aficionados abuzz as the Gunners prepare to make a fashionable mark on the pitch. 

Arsenal have unveiled their first ever away kit for their women's team to wear in the WSL

The women of Arsenal are gearing up for an electrifying WSL campaign, with their season opener against Liverpool just around the corner. The unveiling of their chic new away kit marks a pivotal moment in Arsenal's history. For the first time, the women's squad will be gracing the pitch in a distinctive away kit, setting them apart from their male counterparts. In a twist of fate, the Arsenal men's team will also don the same kit during their warm-up session in an upcoming match against Manchester City next month, forging a unique connection between the two teams. 

This newly introduced kit features a vibrant and captivating blend of blue, pink, and white, adorned with a striking wavy pattern that's sure to turn heads. Alongside the eye-catching jerseys, the collection includes complementary shorts and a range of travel wear items, including a full-zip jacket and track-style pants. 

Alessia Russo, one of Arsenal Women's star forwards, couldn't contain her excitement about the kit's launch. She expressed, "It's been an exciting summer for me, both with the move to Arsenal and reaching the final of the FIFA Women's World Cup. Now that we're back, I am fully focused on my first season with the team. It's so special to be marking this with a collection as playful and bold as this one. For me, football has always been about having fun and getting creative. It's why I got into it as a young girl, and it's what inspires me today. I love that this collection represents that, and I can't wait to wear the shirt with pride on match day." 

This will be the first occasion the women's team have worn a different kit to the men's side

However, over in the heart of the Midlands, Aston Villa's women's and men's teams find themselves embroiled in an altogether different kit-related saga. Aston Villa's women's team is reportedly grappling with concerns over their shirts, describing them as uncomfortably "clingy." These apprehensions surfaced after players experienced discomfort while donning the kits during training sessions. 

Yet, the kit predicament extends beyond the women's squad, as male players from Aston Villa's men's team have also voiced reservations about the design. They have noted that the heavyweight fabric results in heightened perspiration levels and discomfort during match play, ultimately affecting their performance on the pitch. 

These kit issues have understandably caused unease among both squads and raised genuine concerns about their performance. In the words of football commentator Jacqui Oatley, "No woman that I know wants to get hot and sweaty and have their sports gear cling to them in all places, live on television, in particular." The situation has cast a shadow over the teams' preparations, especially given that Aston Villa's women's squad is slated to participate in several televised matches. 

While players and observers are optimistic about a speedy resolution to the kit conundrum, it remains uncertain when changes will be implemented. The possibility of shirt redesigns looms large, which could potentially lead to delays. In the interim, the women's team has opted to don training gear during matches, underscoring the urgency of finding a suitable solution. 

As Aston Villa's female stars navigate their kit woes, Arsenal Women are celebrating the launch of their distinct new away kit. This unveiling marks Arsenal's commitment to forging innovative partnerships and setting new trends in women's football. Arsenal's collaborative venture with Stella McCartney showcases their dedication to making bold strides on and off the pitch. 

The new away shirt displays a mix of blue, pink and white, which comes with a wavy pattern

Arsenal Women: Pioneers of Style and Sport 

Arsenal Women have long been recognized as pioneers in women's football. As the women's game continues to grow in popularity and recognition, Arsenal remains at the forefront, setting new standards and trends. The collaboration with fashion icon Stella McCartney is a testament to Arsenal's commitment to blending sport and style seamlessly. 

With a rich history in both men's and women's football, Arsenal's dedication to the women's game is unwavering. The introduction of their exclusive away kit is just another example of the club's commitment to the women's team's success. As the WSL season kicks off, Arsenal Women aim to make their mark not only on the pitch but also in the fashion world. 

The Arsenal Men's Connection 

While Arsenal Women take center stage with their stylish new away kit, the Arsenal men's team plays an unexpected supporting role. In a unique twist, the men's team will don the same kit during their warm-up sessions in an upcoming match against Manchester City. This synergy between the men's and women's teams highlights Arsenal's unity and shared commitment to excellence. 

Aston Villa's Kit Troubles 

Meanwhile, Aston Villa's women's and men's teams are grappling with kit-related troubles of their own. Concerns over the fit and comfort of the kits have raised questions about the teams' performance. Female players have expressed discomfort with the clingy nature of the shirts, particularly during televised matches. On the men's side, the heavyweight fabric has led to increased perspiration and discomfort during games, prompting calls for kit redesigns. 

As the Aston Villa teams strive for a solution, Arsenal Women lead the way in style and performance with their exclusive Stella McCartney-designed away kit. Arsenal's dedication to both men's and women's football continues to shine through, setting the standard for excellence in sport and fashion. 

Aston Villa's women's squad are facing significant problems with their 'wet and clingy' shirts

Arsenal Women and Aston Villa's Kit Conundrum 

As Arsenal Women prepare to kick off their WSL season in style with their innovative away kit, Aston Villa's kit issues serve as a reminder of the challenges teams may face in pursuit of excellence. Arsenal's commitment to blending sport and style is evident in their partnership with Stella McCartney, showcasing their determination to make a bold statement both on and off the pitch. While kit concerns may arise, it is the unwavering dedication of teams like Arsenal Women that continues to drive the growth and success of women's football.


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