Ashlyn Harris backs Sophia Bush's queer revelation

Ashlyn Harris backs Sophia Bush's queer revelation
Published 4 weeks ago on Apr 27, 2024

Sophia Bush Comes Out as Queer, Receives Support from Girlfriend Ashlyn Harris.

Sophia Bush Comes Out as Queer, Receives Support from Girlfriend Ashlyn Harris

Actress Sophia Bush has come out as queer in a powerful essay for Glamour magazine, receiving an outpouring of love from her girlfriend, soccer star Ashlyn Harris.

Bush's Journey and Finding Love

The 41-year-old actress, known for her role in "One Tree Hill," opened up about navigating the complexities of love and self-discovery. She found solace in a support group while coping with her short-lived marriage to Grant Hughes, which ended in divorce after just one year.

Meanwhile, Harris, 38, was also navigating her own separation from wife Ali Krieger. Through shared experiences, the two found themselves drawn to each other within the support group.

"I didn't expect to find love in this support system," Bush wrote. She described a sense of revelation, realizing the potential for love that had been hidden in plain sight.

Facing Public Scrutiny and Finding Strength

Despite their blossoming relationship, Bush addressed allegations of infidelity surrounding their connection. Harris vehemently denied these claims, and Bush expressed frustration with the narrative.

"The ones who said I’d left my ex because I suddenly realized I wanted to be with women—my partners have known what I’m into for as long as I have," she wrote, dispelling rumors.

Bush went on to highlight the strength and dedication she witnessed in Harris as a mother to her two children. Harris' unwavering support for her family resonated deeply with Bush, fostering a connection that transcended labels.

"Falling in love with her has sutured some of my own childhood wounds, and made me so much closer to my own mother," Bush shared. Harris' resilience and love became a source of inspiration for Bush.

Public Confirmation and Moving Forward

News of their relationship became public in October 2023, confirmed by Page Six. This came shortly after Bush filed for divorce. Hughes' representative expressed well wishes for Bush and indicated his support for her happiness.

The couple made their official red carpet debut in March at Elton John's annual Oscars party, solidifying their stance as a couple.

Celebrating Authenticity and Love

Ashlyn Harris' message on Instagram perfectly captured the supportive spirit surrounding Bush's coming out. Sharing a photo of Bush on the cover of Glamour, Harris wrote, "Proud of you babe 🫠," expressing her admiration and joy for Bush's bravery.

Bush's decision to come out publicly serves as an inspiration for those navigating their own journeys of self-discovery and love. The couple's story highlights the importance of support and acceptance, paving the way for greater understanding and inclusivity.


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