B. Austin Green on Megan Fox & Chelsea Blackwell Comparison

B. Austin Green on Megan Fox & Chelsea Blackwell Comparison
Published 1 months ago on Mar 03, 2024

Brian Austin Green Comments on Comparison Between Ex Megan Fox and ‘Love Is Blind’ Star Chelsea Blackwell.

Brian Austin Green gave his input on comparisons between his ex-wife, Megan Fox, and “Love Is Blind” star Chelsea Blackwell.WireImage

Brian Austin Green, the well-known actor from "Beverly Hills, 90210" and former spouse of Megan Fox, recently shared his perspective on the viral comparison between his ex-wife and "Love Is Blind" star Chelsea Blackwell. In a candid interview with TMZ  on Friday, Green reflected on the common occurrence of people drawing resemblances between individuals and emphasized the challenges associated with such comparisons.

Green acknowledged the ubiquitous nature of people likening others to celebrities, drawing on his personal experiences. "I run into people all the time that say I look like Owen Wilson," he revealed, indicating the prevalence of such observations in everyday interactions. Reflecting on Blackwell's situation, he suggested that she might have received similar comments from numerous individuals, implying the subjective nature of comparisons based on varying factors like hairstyling and makeup.


Expressing his reservations about Blackwell's decision to address her resemblance to Fox on a show centered around blind dating, Green hinted at the potential vulnerability it could create to criticism. Despite this, he advocated for leniency towards Blackwell amid the online scrutiny she faced, opining that Fox would likely take the comparison as a compliment.

In discussing his own views on the matter, Green praised Fox's unique beauty, emphasizing her distinctiveness as a factor making comparisons challenging. He lauded Fox as possibly one of the most beautiful women globally, highlighting her exceptional appeal and implying that such comparisons may not accurately capture her allure.

Green and Fox were married from 2010 to 2022. They share three kids together.

Blackwell found herself at the center of attention and criticism after revealing her perceived resemblance to Fox during a conversation with her date on "Love Is Blind." Despite her explanation that the resemblance stemmed solely from shared physical attributes like dark hair and blue eyes, she faced backlash from viewers. Nevertheless, some celebrities, like Julia Fox, voiced support for Blackwell's comparison, affirming her likeness to Fox.

In light of the contentious reactions, Blackwell urged fans to refrain from making disparaging comments on social media, signaling her discomfort with the backlash.

Brian Austin Green's insights shed light on the complexities of comparing individuals, particularly when it involves public figures like Megan Fox and Chelsea Blackwell. His comments underscore the subjective nature of such comparisons and highlight the need for sensitivity and understanding in discussions surrounding celebrity resemblances.


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