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Baroness Michelle Mone Compares Herself to Pablo Escobar Amid PPE Scandal Investigation

Baroness Michelle Mone Compares Herself to Pablo Escobar Amid PPE Scandal Investigation
Published 2 months ago on Dec 25, 2023

 This comes after her bank accounts were frozen by the National Crime Agency (NCA) in connection with the ongoing PPE scandal.

The NCA is currently investigating Baroness Mone and her husband, Doug Barrowman, over alleged fraud and bribery related to their company, PPE Medpro, which secured £200 million in government contracts during the pandemic. The freeze on her accounts, including one at the royal-favored Coutts bank, was imposed approximately 12 months ago to prevent the movement of funds.

Baroness Mone claims to have only recently discovered the freeze when attempting a transaction at a petrol station. She expressed frustration over being treated as guilty before any formal charges, stating, 'What happened to innocent until proven guilty?'

The investigation centers on allegations that Baroness Mone lobbied government officials, including Michael Gove and Lord Agnew, to secure contracts for PPE Medpro. The company, led by her husband, received contracts totaling £203 million for medical protective equipment through the expedited 'VIP lane.'

While the company profited significantly, it is now facing a government lawsuit seeking £122 million for 'breach of contract and unjust enrichment.' Baroness Mone and her husband deny the allegations.

In a recent interview, Baroness Mone admitted to lying about her involvement with PPE Medpro but insisted she sees no wrongdoing in their actions. Both she and her husband have been questioned by the NCA, with at least four ministers involved in the contracts cooperating with investigators.

The ongoing scandal has led to calls for increased transparency, and the Labour Party is urging Michael Gove to appear before MPs to address questions about his involvement in the PPE procurement process.

Baroness Mone has faced criticism from various quarters, and the investigation continues to unfold, impacting both her personal and professional reputation. The controversy surrounding PPE contracts during the pandemic raises broader questions about accountability and transparency in government procurement processes.**


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  • Michelle Mone was married to Douglas Barrowman from 2015 to 2023. Out of respect for their privacy, details about their separation and her current relationship status will not be discussed.

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