BBC'S Emma Louise Jones faces lewd message over sofa snap

BBC'S Emma Louise Jones faces lewd message over sofa snap
Published 2 months ago on Feb 15, 2024

BBC Sport's Emma Louise Jones Receives Lewd Message After Sharing Innocent Sofa Snap.


BBC Sport presenter Emma Louise Jones found herself on the receiving end of a crude message from a fan after innocently sharing a snapshot of her living room on social media.

Jones, known for her work on MOTDx, is no stranger to fending off inappropriate advances from followers on platforms like Instagram. Despite her efforts to deflect such attention with humor, the flood of unsolicited messages persists.

In her latest encounter, the 33-year-old presenter shared a glimpse of her home decor in an Instagram story on Monday. However, what was intended as a harmless post showcasing her sofa and other furnishings took an unpleasant turn when a follower sent her a distasteful private message.

The message, which Jones promptly shared on her story, described graphic fantasies involving her and the sofa. Jones reacted with a mix of exasperation and disbelief, responding only with "FFS" and crying emojis.

This incident is just one example of the unwanted attention Jones routinely faces online. Despite her attempts to navigate these encounters with humor, she has often highlighted the inappropriate messages she receives, even creating a mock "DM helpline" for her followers.

Starting the new year with hopes for a "less horny" online environment, Jones' expectations were quickly dashed by encounters like this one. Her prominence in the sports broadcasting sphere, coupled with her humorous approach to addressing such incidents, has garnered her a substantial following on social media.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jones has also shared amusing anecdotes from her personal life, such as a humorous mishap involving her car horn. Despite the challenges posed by persistent unwanted attention, Jones continues to navigate her career with grace and humor.

With her platform and influence, Jones remains a prominent figure in sports broadcasting, using her experiences to shed light on the realities faced by women in the public eye. As she continues to share her journey, both personally and professionally, she serves as a voice for many navigating similar challenges in the digital age.

Who is Emma Louise?

Emma Louise is a rising star in the world of sports broadcasting, captivating audiences with her engaging presenting style and in-depth knowledge of various sports.

Her Career Highlights:

  • Current roles: Presenter on MOTDx alongside Jermaine Jenas, contributing presenter on BBC Sport.
  • Previous experience: Leeds TV, Channel 5, Bauer Media, Viking FM.
  • Known for:
    • Expert commentary: Delivering insightful analysis and interviews across various sports.
    • Confident presence: Holding her own against seasoned professionals and leading captivating segments.
    • Strong work ethic: Building a loyal following despite facing online harassment.
  • Recent notable moments:
    • Shutting down a sexist troll: Inspiring praise for her dignified response to inappropriate messages.
    • Sharing powerful message: Highlighting the importance of female representation in sports media.

Where to Find Emma Louise:

  • Twitter: @emmalouisejourno: [[invalid URL removed]]([invalid URL removed])
  • Instagram: @emmalouisepresenter: [[invalid URL removed]]([invalid URL removed])
  • BBC Sport website: Search for her name or featured programs.

Why Should You Care?

  • Inspiring figure: Emma Louise is an inspiration for aspiring journalists and sports enthusiasts, especially young women.
  • Rising talent: Her career trajectory promises exciting developments in the sports broadcasting landscape.
  • Engaging voice: She brings a fresh perspective and engaging style to sports coverage.


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