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Emma Jones slams troll saying you can throw in the bedroom

Emma Jones slams troll saying you can throw in the bedroom
Published 1 years ago on Feb 26, 2023

Stunning Match of the Day presenter Emma Louise Jones has shared a brutal put-down to an online troll on her Instagram.

Jones shared a snap of her in the mirror, in which she asked her fans if her arm looked "like Judi Hench?" However, one fan took the joke a bit too far and responded: "You can throw me around the bedroom if you like."

However, Jones then shared the message on her story alongside the prominent message: "No Joshua." Jones shared the message with her 372,000 followers on the social media platform.

Jones is no stranger to internet trolls, and last month she shared a snap of herself wearing a slim-fitting dress - only to receive a number of hateful comments.

She hit back at the comments on Twitter: "Thank you to the overwhelming majority of you who have called out the few misogynists & dinosaurs in the replies to this.

"Unfortunately it's usually those people who shout the loudest. I was hosting an awards ceremony & I felt lovely in my new dress, so I wanted to share it."

Laura Woods jumped to the defence of her friend in response to Jones' response.

She said: "What some people don’t get is…you're allowed to be both! You're smart and you're beautiful.

"One shouldn't and doesn't cancel out the other. I absolutely love seeing other people's glams, women AND men. And if you stopped posting them I'd be pretty disappointed tbh."


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