Bedroom actress Stormy Daniels quietly married adult star beau Barrett Blade last year

Bedroom actress Stormy Daniels quietly married adult star beau Barrett Blade last year
Published 1 years ago on Mar 19, 2023

Adult Star  tied the knot with fellow adult film star Barrett Blade in December to little fanfare.

“When you marry your best friend, life is always going to be good….even on the days it’s hard. Thank you @barrettblade777 for giving me my dream home, life and family,” Daniels wrote in late 2022 post. 

“(The diamonds and amazing sex are awesome, too!)”

The couple, who first met at a bar in 1998  are in the midst of filming an adult film called “Lawless.” Daniels wrote and directed the flick, while Blade is the cinematographer.

Daniels has ditched her Texas home for a Florida horse farm to be with Blade, according to Daily Mail. 

The duo have kept most of the details of their secret wedding under wraps, even shocking fans who diligently follow their social media accounts.

“Wait. You’re married?” one follower wrote under a photo Daniels posted referring to ''hot AF Blade as her husband.

The secrecy is out of character for Daniels, who has repeatedly spoken about her lackluster feeling about her alleged tryst with former President Trump.

She even joked about the hookup — which she famously described as lasting “two minutes” — when a Twitter troll reminded her Friday of her time with the former president.

“hit’ is very generous. I’d say more like a pathetic thump but whatevs,” she wrote in a tweet that was viewed over 850,000 times.

Trump allegedly paid Daniels $130,000 in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election in a bid to buy her silence over their fling.

New York prosecutors have hinted that Trump is likely to face criminal charges over the payments. Daniels met with Manhattan prosecutors Wednesday after agreeing to be their witness.

Trump has repeatedly denied that he had an affair with Daniels, and said the investigation is a “witch hunt” that amounts to “extortion.”



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