Bella Hadid's Cowboy Love: Meet Rodeo Star Adan Banuelos

Bella Hadid's Cowboy Love: Meet  Rodeo Star Adan Banuelos
Published 1 months ago on Mar 16, 2024

Bella Hadid's Romance with Rodeo Star Adan Banuelos: A Deep Dive into Their Love Story.

Bella Hadid's Romance with Rodeo Star Adan Banuelos: A Deep Dive into Their Love Story.

Bella Hadid, the renowned model, has been making headlines lately not just for her stunning looks but also for her newfound love for horses and a certain cowboy named Adan Banuelos. The transition from her Pennsylvania farm to Texas has been swift, driven by her affection for Banuelos, a professional horseback rider known for his expertise in "cutting horses," a unique style of competition horse training.

Banuelos, at 34, boasts an impressive career with earnings exceeding five million dollars, primarily earned through his remarkable skills aboard a horse. Hailing from a lineage of riders, he inherits his passion from his father, Ascencion, a distinguished member of the National Cutting Horse Association Rider Hall of Fame. Adan's admiration for his father's resilience and expertise in horsemanship highlights his grounded personality, adding to his appeal.

Although the exact commencement of their relationship remains undisclosed, their public appearance last October sparked speculation about their romance. Caught sharing affectionate moments at the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, their chemistry was undeniable. Since then, Hadid has immersed herself in the equestrian world, participating in competitions and embracing cowboy culture with enthusiasm.

The couple's bond was further solidified by Hadid's birthday celebration, where they shared a kiss amidst a stable setup, symbolizing their shared love for horses. Banuelos' professional prowess has not gone unnoticed, with accolades such as the American Performance Horseman championship under his belt, earning him significant recognition and financial rewards.

Their relationship has garnered admiration, with Hadid's fans applauding her for embracing a lifestyle outside the glamour of the fashion industry. Her involvement in equine therapy initiatives reflects her genuine connection with Banuelos and her newfound passion for horses. The couple's picturesque romance has even sparked ideas for potential cinematic adaptations, capturing the imagination of many.

In conclusion, Bella Hadid's romance with Adan Banuelos symbolizes a departure from her high-profile modeling career towards a more grounded and fulfilling life centered around love and horses. Their story resonates with audiences, inspiring admiration for their authenticity and shared passion, making them a captivating duo in both the fashion and equestrian worlds.

When did  Adan Banuelos start dating Bella?

We don’t know for sure, but the pair were spotted for the first time last October. TMZ caught the couple smooching at the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, part of the city preserved to celebrate the city’s history as a livestock center. Something about these two is that they are not afraid to share a kiss in a place that might smell weird.

Since October, Hadid seems to have spent most of her time in Texas. Back in January, she even competed in a cutting-horse competition of her own in Weatherford, Texas. She came in a very respectable eighth place. If you follow the model on Instagram, you know that she has been posting a lot about her new equestrian side hustle. 

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