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Below Deck Adventure star Faye Clark hits back at fans after makeup rule backlash

Below Deck Adventure star Faye Clark hits back at fans after makeup rule backlash
Published 1 years ago on Feb 18, 2023

Fans are highly anticipating Bravo’s Below Deck Advanture to be renewed for season two following its finale in January. Ahead of the confirmation, chief stew Faye Clark spoke to about the charter and exposed the real reason she enforced strict makeup rules.

Throughout season one, it was Faye’s job as chief stew to ensure the affluent yet demanding guests were entertained and satisfied at all times.

She led stewardesses Oriana Schneps and Kasie Faddah as they provided superior hospitality and were responsible for the interior of the vessel.

However, each time the crew welcomed a new party onboard the yacht, Faye reminded the women: “Look good, hair down.”

As she occasionally reminded Oriana and Kasie to put on makeup, her comments left many fans unimpressed.

Some were concerned Faye was “valuing appearance over performance,” and she “cared too much about the wrong things".

The chief stew hit back at the backlash during her interview with as he stated: “Uniform and appearance is everything.

“I wouldn't want my girls coming to work with wet hair just out the shower with no makeup on.”

Faye explained: “I think when you're in service, you should look presentable you should make yourself look like you've made an effort. It's just etiquette.”

Despite this, the rules eventually changed during episode 10 when the guests were left irritated after finding a hair in their food.

When this was brought up in the galley, the already stressed and overworked chef Jessica Condy snapped.

She claimed it wasn’t her hair and pointed out she out of all the women working, was the only one with her hair tied up.

As a result, a defeated Faye said that she and the stews could have their hair tied up during service.

Although it was never determined whose hair was on the food, Faye sarcastically laughed as she spotted a charter guest brushing their hair while the wind was blowing on the deck.

While her friends sat down for dinner, Shelby Turner stood up, brushed through her locks and claimed: “I thought it might need it again.”

To which her fiancee Jodie remarked: “So Faye if there’s a hair it’s Shelby’s.”

As they laughed around the table, the chief stew told the camera: “I am purely walking on eggshells to make sure Kerry doesn’t find out about this b****y hair.”



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