Ben Affleck's Dunkin Love Nets $10 Million for Super Bowl Ad

Ben Affleck's Dunkin Love Nets $10 Million for Super Bowl Ad
Published 4 months ago on Feb 09, 2024

Ben Affleck's Love for Dunkin' Donuts Fuels Lucrative Super Bowl Deal.

Ben Affleck was paid close to $10 million dollars for the 30-second Super Bowl ad, in which he surprised real customers coming through the drive-thru (seen in 2023)

Ben Affleck's affinity for Dunkin' Donuts has not only solidified his status as a loyal customer but has also proven to be a lucrative partnership, with the actor reportedly raking in close to $10 million dollars for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial last year.

The 51-year-old Hollywood star's endorsement deal with the beloved breakfast chain has been a boon for both parties, with Dunkin' reaping record-breaking sales following the airing of the Super Bowl ad. According to insiders, Dunkin' experienced unprecedented success, selling more donuts the day after the commercial aired than on any other day in its history.

Scott Murphy, president of Dunkin', attributed the campaign's success to the massive media exposure generated by Affleck's involvement. The commercial, directed and partially conceptualized by Affleck himself, marked Dunkin's inaugural Super Bowl advertisement, a milestone moment for the iconic brand.

Filmed at a Dunkin' location in Medford, Massachusetts, the ad showcased Affleck surprising unsuspecting customers at the drive-thru, delighting fans with his authentic connection to the brand. Affleck's roots in Massachusetts, where Dunkin' originated, further solidified his appeal to audiences, resonating with locals who share his lifelong love for the coffee and donut chain.

While the eight-figure payout may seem high, an insider familiar with the two-time Oscar winner's Dunkin’ Super Bowl campaign noted that the company 'sold more donuts the next day than any other day in their history'

Affleck's devotion to Dunkin' extends beyond his professional endorsements, as he has openly professed his daily consumption of Dunkin' products. In a 2019 interview, the actor revealed his daily ritual of indulging in Dunkin' Donuts, expressing his enthusiasm for spreading the word about the brand, particularly as it expands to new markets like the West Coast.

Since formalizing his partnership with Dunkin', Affleck has been featured in numerous ad campaigns alongside high-profile figures like his wife Jennifer Lopez, rapper Ice Spice, and social media sensation Charli D'Amelio. In his latest commercial with rapper Jack Harlow, Affleck showcased his comedic chops while poking fun at his decision-making skills, providing audiences with a humorous glimpse into his personality.

The commercial's success and Affleck's ongoing collaboration with Dunkin' underscore the enduring appeal of the brand and its ability to resonate with consumers across demographics. As Dunkin' continues to leverage Affleck's star power and cultural influence, the partnership promises to remain a lucrative and mutually beneficial endeavor for years to come.

When Dunkin finally made its way to the West Coast, with the first Los Angeles Dunkin shop opening in 2014, Affleck revealed in a 2019 interview with Collider that he has Dunkin every day

Ben Affleck back tattoo

Affleck's phoenix tattoo has become iconic for several compelling reasons. This vibrant and sizable bird tattoo captured widespread attention in July 2015, coinciding with his separation from Jennifer Garner. Paparazzi captured the moment when Affleck was out shopping, inadvertently revealing the majestic tail of the phoenix peeking out from behind his shirt.




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