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Bianca Censori Goes Nude Under Raincoat in Studio Session

Bianca Censori Goes Nude Under Raincoat  in Studio Session
Published 2 weeks ago on Feb 07, 2024

Bianca Censori Makes a Bold Fashion Statement Amidst Studio Session with Kanye West.

Sartorially out of sync with his wife, the 46-year-old rapper was as covered up as possible, layering a black top and joggers under his coat and thick leather gloves

In an unexpected turn of events, Bianca Censori, the 29-year-old Australian architect, stunned onlookers as she arrived at a Los Angeles music studio on Monday. Embracing the avant-garde, she sported a clear raincoat, typically reserved for rainy days, as her choice of attire. But what caught everyone's attention was her daring decision to go nude underneath the translucent garment, paired only with knee-high black boots.

Accompanied by her husband, the renowned rapper Kanye West, Bianca attempted to maintain her modesty by strategically placing her hand over her groin. Meanwhile, Kanye opted for a more conventional approach, donning an oversized khaki poncho and black rain boots to shield himself from the relentless Pineapple Express storm battering the West Coast. His ensemble included layers of clothing, topped off with a black face mask featuring a leather panel.

While the couple's contrasting fashion choices raised eyebrows, fans were equally intrigued by Kanye's recent social media activity, hinting at new music. The rapper teased followers with cryptic posts on Instagram, igniting speculation about the release of his upcoming album, "Vultures," a collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign.

Bianca Censori was on a mission to prove the rain poncho could be 2024's hottest new fashion trend as she made a showstopping arrival to a LA studio with Kanye West on Monday

Despite facing delays and skepticism from fans, "Vultures: Act 1" is set to debut later this week, marking Kanye's first album since weathering a series of controversies, including offensive and antisemitic remarks. The artist has since issued public apologies, notably addressing the Jewish community, in response to backlash.

Bianca, who secretly wed Kanye in 2022, has found herself under scrutiny amidst concerns from friends about Kanye's purported controlling behavior. Reports suggest that Kanye has restricted Bianca's access to social media, ostensibly to shield her from negative comments. However, critics argue that Kanye's own social media presence, featuring racy images of Bianca, contradicts his supposed protective measures.

Proving that far less is more, the 29-year-old Australian architect wore absolutely nothing beneath her cagoule, going completely naked bar a pair of knee high black boots

Despite interventions from concerned friends, Bianca appears to acquiesce to Kanye's demands, leading to speculation about her autonomy within the relationship. Sources express worry over Bianca's apparent compliance, suggesting she feels trapped in a dynamic where her desires take a backseat to Kanye's wishes.

In an exclusive statement to, an insider revealed, "She went from being his designer to his wife, which is unfortunately, not a paid position. She’s trapped."

Her other hand was firmly grasped by Kanye, who also appeared to be taking no chances with the Pineapple Express storm pummelling the West Coast with his waterproof attire

As Bianca and Kanye navigate the spotlight amidst their personal and professional endeavors, the public remains captivated by their unconventional relationship and the impact of Kanye's influence on Bianca's autonomy and public image.

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