Bodies of Missing beauty Queen and boyfriend in quarry grave

Bodies of Missing beauty Queen and boyfriend in quarry grave
Published 1 weeks ago on Jul 10, 2024

Tragic Discovery: Bodies of Missing Beauty Queen Geneva Lopez and Actor Boyfriend Found in Shallow Grave in Quarry.

In a harrowing conclusion to a two-week-long search, the bodies of missing Filipina beauty queen Geneva Lopez, 27, and her Israeli boyfriend, actor Yitshak Cohen, 37, have been discovered buried in a shallow grave at a quarry site in Capas, Tarlac, Philippines. The grim discovery came after a mysterious tip-off led authorities to the overgrown site.

The Disappearance

Geneva Lopez and Yitshak Cohen were last seen on June 21 when they left their home to travel to Capas City, Tarlac, purportedly to discuss a property deal. Their sudden disappearance raised alarm bells when their SUV was found burning on the outskirts of Cristo Rey village in Capas the following morning. The charred remains of their vehicle set off a frantic search by both the local police and concerned family members.

The Breakthrough Tip

The case took a crucial turn when the Philippine National Police (PNP) received an anonymous tip from an informant. This individual claimed to have been ordered to set the couple's car on fire. The informant’s information was pivotal, directing the special search task force to an abandoned quarry site in Capas. There, amidst the overgrowth, officers discovered the bodies of Geneva and Yitshak buried side by side in a shallow grave.

PNP spokesman Colonel Jean Fajardo acknowledged the importance of the tip: "The informant was the one who pointed us to the grave. If not for him, we would still be searching until now."

Autopsy and Arrests

An autopsy revealed that both Geneva Lopez and Yitshak Cohen had died from gunshot wounds, confirming suspicions of foul play. The investigation quickly led to the arrest of four suspects, including two dismissed police officers who were charged with illegal firearm possession.

One of the arrested former officers, Michael Angelo Guiang, was reportedly the intermediary with whom the couple had arranged to discuss the land transaction. The circumstances surrounding the meeting and the subsequent events remain unclear.

Family Statements and Conflicting Accounts

The investigation shed light on differing accounts regarding the purpose of the couple's visit to Capas. Geneva's sister, Joni Lopez, told Capas Police that Geneva and Yitshak had informed her of their plans to meet Guiang to discuss a land transaction. "Ms. Joni Lopez said that prior to the incident, they were informed by her sister that they, Geneva and Yitshak, would both proceed to Capas, Tarlac, to meet or transact with a certain Michael Angelo Guiang in Capas, Tarlac, with regard to the land that was pawned to them by Mr. Guiang sometime in 2021," the police report stated.

However, Yitshak Cohen’s brother, Yaniv, provided a different perspective. According to Yaniv, Yitshak’s purpose for traveling to Capas was to secure the deed for a piece of land that had been used as collateral for a loan. "My brother was getting a land for a collateral of a loan basically. No, he didn't come with any money. He came for a meeting with a suspect, just because he was telling him that he's ready with the papers for the land and that he has a buyer," Yaniv explained.

The Investigation Continues

As the investigation unfolds, the PNP has indicated that they have strong leads and a clear understanding of the motive behind the murders. PNP spokesperson Police Colonel Jean Fajardo stated, "We already have a clear indication why these two victims were murdered. We have leads and know who the mastermind is behind their deaths." Despite these advancements, the police are withholding further comments to avoid jeopardizing the ongoing investigation.

Community and Family Reactions

The tragic end to Geneva Lopez and Yitshak Cohen's lives has left their families and communities in deep mourning. Geneva, a celebrated beauty queen, was known for her vibrant personality and active involvement in the modeling industry. Yitshak, an actor, was cherished by his family and friends for his dedication to his craft and his kind nature.

Geneva’s family, in particular, has been vocal about their grief and the need for justice. Joni Lopez, Geneva’s sister, expressed her devastation and called for thorough investigations to ensure that those responsible are held accountable. "We are heartbroken. Geneva was a light in our lives, and we need to understand why this happened. We need justice for Geneva and Yitshak," she said.

The Road Ahead

The remains of Yitshak Cohen have been returned to Israel, where he will be buried in accordance with his family's traditions. Geneva Lopez’s family is also making arrangements for her funeral, which will be a time of deep sorrow and remembrance.

As the police continue to piece together the events that led to the tragic deaths of Geneva Lopez and Yitshak Cohen, the public and the families of the victims await answers and justice. The case has drawn significant attention, highlighting issues of safety, trust, and the dark complexities that can lie beneath seemingly straightforward transactions.

The tragic story of Geneva Lopez and Yitshak Cohen serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of vigilance and justice in the face of inexplicable violence. The community’s hope rests on the thorough investigation by the PNP to bring closure to this harrowing case and ensure that justice is served for Geneva and Yitshak.


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