Brazilian Weight Loss Influencer Mila De Jesus Passes Away at 35, Leaving Behind a Legacy of Transformation

Brazilian Weight Loss Influencer Mila De Jesus Passes Away at 35, Leaving Behind a Legacy of Transformation
Published 1 months ago on Jan 15, 2024

 Mila De Jesus, a Brazilian-born influencer residing in Boston, passed away at the age of 35, leaving behind a grieving community of followers, friends, and family. Known for her remarkable weight loss journey and makeup tutorials, De Jesus captured the hearts of over 100,000 YouTube subscribers and nearly 60,000 Instagram followers.

The tragic news comes just four months after Mila tied the knot with her husband, George Kowszik, as reported by Jam Press. The couple's newfound happiness has been abruptly cut short, leaving George devastated and grappling with the sudden loss of his wife.

Mila De Jesus had been a major influencer in the world of beauty and wellness, showcasing her transformative journey from her Brazilian roots to her life in Boston. Six years ago, she underwent a life-changing weight loss surgery, a decision she commemorated in a poignant Instagram post in November.

In a side-by-side comparison, Mila shared images of herself at 22, prior to the surgery, and at 35, celebrating the positive impact the decision had on her life. The post garnered immense support from her followers, who admired her resilience and commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

However, her journey was not without its challenges. In October, Mila disclosed to her audience that she had been battling psoriasis, a skin disease causing itchy, scaly patches, for the past three months. The influencer shared the difficulties of managing the condition, detailing her experiences with doctors, medications, and ointments.

The news of Mila's passing has left her followers and the online community in shock and mourning. Messages of condolences and tributes have flooded her social media accounts, with fans expressing their sadness and remembering the impact she had on their lives.

One devastated follower, who had been following Mila since her early YouTube days, wrote, "Root follower here, since the beginning of YouTube. So sad, my God, a lot of light, Mila. Rest in peace." Another expressed, "All my most sincere condolences."

Eduarda Gaia, a close friend and businesswoman, shared her grief in a statement to local media. "I will remember our last conversation on the phone forever! I love you so much, friend," she said, highlighting the deep connections Mila formed in both her personal and professional life.

Mila's son, Pedro Marçal, also paid a touching tribute to his late mother on social media. "Rest, Mom. I love you so much, and no one will ever love me like you. God bless you."

Beyond her weight loss journey, Mila De Jesus was renowned for her makeup tutorials on YouTube, where she engaged with a diverse audience of beauty enthusiasts. Her videos not only showcased her expertise in cosmetics but also conveyed a sense of authenticity and relatability that resonated with viewers worldwide.

As the news of Mila's passing continues to reverberate through the online community, her legacy as a transformative figure in the beauty and wellness space will undoubtedly endure. Her journey, marked by resilience, determination, and self-love, serves as an inspiration to many, and her impact will be remembered by the countless lives she touched through her online presence.

In the wake of this tragic loss, Mila De Jesus leaves behind a void that will be felt by her family, friends, and followers. As the online community mourns, they also celebrate the life and legacy of a remarkable influencer who, through her journey, encouraged others to embark on their paths of self-discovery and transformation.


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