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British Soap Awards for 2024 Canceled

British Soap Awards for 2024 Canceled
Published 7 months ago on Nov 01, 2023

The awards ceremony, renowned for celebrating the finest in British soap operas, will not take place next year, though the reason behind the cancellation remains undisclosed. 

Cancelled: The British Soap Awards have been cancelled next year. ITV have announced the ceremony, which celebrates the best of British soaps, will not take place in 2024

An ITV spokesperson released a statement, saying, "The British Soap Awards won't be on air in 2024 but is set to return in 2025. The show was fantastically received in 2023, achieving consolidated figures of 2.9 million and doubling its audience year on year, so we look forward to the show's return." 

This news follows the chaos that engulfed ITV ahead of the 2023 awards ceremony when Phillip Schofield stepped down from hosting duties. Last-minute arrangements had to be made, leading to Jane McDonald being drafted in as a replacement host. 

Phillip Schofield, a 61-year-old presenter, decided to relinquish his hosting role following his admission of an affair with a young male colleague at "This Morning." His decision to step down was part of his departure from ITV, as he was subsequently dropped by his talent agency, YMU, due to this affair. 

Jane McDonald, a 60-year-old operatic singer and a beloved figure in the world of cruise ships, was introduced as Phillip's successor to host the awards ceremony. Fans widely praised her as the "perfect choice" for the role. 

Though Jane was well-received by viewers, the sudden cancellation of the 2024 awards ceremony has left soap fans bewildered. This year's awards show, held at The Lowry in Salford, saw various stars recognized for their contributions to soap operas. Notably, EastEnders' Danielle Harold claimed the Best Leading Performer award, and the show itself received the esteemed Best Soap prize. Additionally, Charlotte Jordan secured the Best Dramatic Performance award for her portrayal of Daisy Midgeley in ITV's "Coronation Street." "Coronation Street" triumphed with six awards in total, including Best Single Episode and Scene of the Year for its depiction of an acid attack. 

2023 crisis: It comes after ITV were thrown into chaos ahead of the ceremony in June after Phillip Schofield stepped down from hosting duties. Jane McDonald replaced him as host

However, the news of the cancellation carries additional ramifications for the soap world. The long-running soap opera "Doctors" is reportedly concluding its 23-year run. Despite efforts to reposition the show in a primetime slot, it failed to attract a sufficient audience. The BBC officially announced the show's end, citing rising production costs and the need for substantial investment to refurbish its filming location. 

In a statement, the BBC acknowledged the show's contribution to nurturing talent and expressed commitment to reinvesting the funding into new programming in the West Midlands, where the show was based. 

The final episode of "Doctors" is slated to air in December 2024, and the BBC is collaborating with BBC Studios to provide the show with a fitting finale. This decision underscores the challenging choices broadcasters must make in the face of increased drama production costs and funding constraints.

Break: An ITV spokesman said: 'The British Soap Awards won't be on air in 2024 but is set to return in 2025' (pictured EastEnders' cast at 2023 ceremony)

The British Soap Awards 2023 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 3, 2023 at the Hackney Empire in London, England. Here is a summary of the information you requested:

  • British Soap Awards 2023 nominations: The nominations for the British Soap Awards 2023 will be announced on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.
  • British Soap Awards 2023 vote: The public will be able to vote for their favorite nominees online and via text message from Wednesday, May 3, 2023 to Friday, June 2, 2023.
  • British Soap Awards winners list: The winners of the British Soap Awards 2023 will be announced at the awards ceremony on Saturday, June 3, 2023. The ceremony will be televised live on ITV.
  • British Soap Awards 2023 wiki: The British Soap Awards 2023 wiki page is still under construction, but it will eventually contain information about all of the nominees, winners, and events surrounding the awards ceremony.
  • What time is the British Soap Awards on tonight? The British Soap Awards 2023 will be televised live on ITV from 7:30pm to 10:30pm on Saturday, June 3, 2023.
  • British Soap Awards 2023 red carpet: The British Soap Awards 2023 red carpet event will be live-streamed on the ITV website and social media channels from 6:00pm to 7:30pm on Saturday, June 3, 2023.
  • Inside Soap awards: The Inside Soap Awards is a separate awards ceremony that recognizes the best in British soap opera. The Inside Soap Awards 2023 will be held on Monday, April 24, 2023 at the Hippodrome Casino in London, England.



Charlotte Jordan (Daisy Midgely, Coronation Street)

Elle Mulvaney (Amy Barlow, Coronation Street)

Maureen Lipman (Evelyn Plummer, Coronation Street)

WINNER: Danielle Harold (Lola Pearce-Brown, EastEnders)

Diane Parish (Denise Fox, EastEnders)

Shona McGarty (Whitney Dean, EastEnders)

Claire King (Kim Tate, Emmerdale)

Emma Atkins (Charity Dingle, Emmerdale)

Louise Jameson (Mary Goskirk, Emmerdale)

Jennifer Metcalfe (Mercedes McQueen, Hollyoaks)

Lucy-Jo Hudson (Donna-Marie Quinn, Hollyoaks)

Nikki Sanderson (Maxine Minniver, Hollyoaks)



David Neilson (Roy Cropper, Coronation Street)

Peter Ash (Paul Foreman, Coronation Street)

Ryan Prescott (Ryan Connor, Coronation Street)

James Farrar (Zack Hudson, EastEnders)

WINNER: Jamie Borthwick (Jay Brown, EastEnders)

Perry Fenwick (Billy Mitchell, EastEnders)

Dominic Brunt (Paddy Dingle, Emmerdale)

Jeff Hordley (Cain Dingle, Emmerdale)

Kevin Mathurin (Charles Anderson, Emmerdale)

Gregory Finnegan (James Nightingale, Hollyoaks)

Jamie Lomas (Warren Fox, Hollyoaks)

Richard Blackwood (Felix Westwood, Hollyoaks)



Andrew Still (Justin Rutherford, Coronation Street)

WINNER: Todd Boyce (Stephen Reid, Coronation Street)

Aaron Thiara (Ravi Gulati, EastEnders)

William Ellis (Theo Hawthorne, EastEnders)

Jane Gurnett (Faye Helders, Emmerdale)

William Ash (Caleb Miligan, Emmerdale)

Angus Castle-Doughty (Eric Foster, Hollyoaks)

Glynis Barber (Norma Crow, Hollyoaks)



WINNER: Maureen Lipman (Evelyn Plummer, Coronation Street)

Patti Clare (Mary Taylor, Coronation Street)

Bobby Brazier (Freddie Slater, EastEnders)

Shane Richie (Alfie Moon, EastEnders)

Samantha Giles (Bernice Blackstock, Emmerdale)

Tony Audenshaw (Bob Hope, Emmerdale)

Chelsee Healey (Goldie McQueen, Hollyoaks)

Diane Langton (Marlena 'Nana' McQueen, Hollyoaks)



WINNER: Channique Sterling-Brown (Dee-Dee Bailey, Coronation Street)

Jodie Prenger (Glenda Shuttleworth, Coronation Street)

Bobby Brazier (Freddie Slater, EastEnders)

Harriet Thorpe (Elaine Peacock, EastEnders)

Flo Wilson (Claudette Anderson, Emmerdale)

Lewis Cope (Nicky Miligan, Emmerdale)

Jemma Donovan (Rayne Royce, Hollyoaks)

Jon-Paul Bell (Beau Ramsey, Hollyoaks)



David Neilson & Maureen Lipman (Roy Cropper & Evelyn Plummer, Coronation Street)

Sally Dynevor & Joe Duttine (Sally & Tim Metcalfe, Coronation Street)

Balvinder Sopal & Heather Peace (Suki Panesar & Eve Unwin, EastEnders)

Emma Barton & Perry Fenwick (Honey & Billy Mitchell, EastEnders)

WINNER: Dominic Brunt & Mark Charnock (Paddy & Marlon Dingle, Emmerdale)

Kevin Mathurin & Rebecca Sarker (Charles Anderson & Manpreet Sharma, Emmerdale)

Anna Passey & Matthew James Bailey (Sienna Blake & Ethan Williams, Hollyoaks)

Ruby O'Donnell & Niamh Blackshaw (Peri Lomax & Juliet Nightingale, Hollyoaks)


Isabella Flanagan (Hope Stape, Coronation Street)

Jude Riordan (Sam Blakeman, Coronation Street)

WINNER: Isabella Brown (Lexi Pearce, EastEnders)

Lillia Turner (Lily Slater, EastEnders)

Alfie Clarke (Arthur Thomas, Emmerdale)

Gabrielle Dowling (Cathy Hope, Emmerdale)

Ela-May Demircan (Leah Barnes, Hollyoaks)

Jayden Fox (Bobby Costello, Hollyoaks)



The Platts (Coronation Street)

The Winter-Browns (Coronation Street)

The Mitchells (EastEnders)

The Trueman-Fox-Brannings (EastEnders)

The Andersons (Emmerdale)

WINNER: The Dingles (Emmerdale)

The Maaliks (Hollyoaks)

The McQueens (Hollyoaks)



Amy did not consent (Coronation Street)

Daisy's stalker/acid attack (Coronation Street)

WINNER: Loving and losing Lola (EastEnders)

Whitney and Zack say goodbye to Peach (EastEnders)

Caleb plots to destroy Kim (Emmerdale)

Paddy's suicidal thoughts (Emmerdale)

Incel Eric targets Maxine and Mason (Hollyoaks)

Juliet's cancer battle (Hollyoaks)



WINNER: Acid attack (Coronation Street)

Gemma and Chesney's wedding (Coronation Street)

Mick jumps off a cliff to save Linda and Janine (EastEnders)

Cindy Beale: back from the dead! (EastEnders)

Marlon saves Paddy (Emmerdale)

The storm/50th anniversary (Emmerdale)

Maxine's long walk home (Hollyoaks)

Silas' revenge/carnival horror (Hollyoaks)



WINNER: Chris Walker (Rob Hollins, Doctors)

Dex Lee (Bear Sylvester, Doctors)

Jan Pearson (Karen Hollins, Doctors)

Kia Pegg (Scarlett Kiernan, Doctors)

Ada Nicodemou (Leah Poulos, Home and Away)

Jacqui Purvis (Felicity Newman, Home and Away)

James Stewart (Justin Morgan, Home and Away)

Matt Evans (Theo Poulos, Home and Away)



Charles Venn (Jacob Masters, Casualty)

Elinor Lawless (Stevie Nash, Casualty)

Kirsty Mitchell (Faith Cadogan, Casualty)

WINNER: Nigel Harman (Max Cristie, Casualty)

Adam Abbou (Danny Lewis, Waterloo Road)

Adam Thomas (Donte Charles, Waterloo Road)

Angela Griffin (Kim Campbell, Waterloo Road)

Kym Marsh (Nicky Walters, Waterloo Road)



Coronation Street

WINNER: EastEnders





WINNER: Max Bowden (Ben Mitchell, EastEnders)


WINNER: Nikki Sanderson (Maxine Minniver, Hollyoaks)

Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy: What You Need to Know

Is Phillip Schofield Ill?: I do not have information about Phillip Schofield's health status beyond my last knowledge updat in January 2022. To get the most current information on his health, it is advisable to check recent news reports or his official social media accounts.

Phillip Schofield on Instagram: Phillip Schofield is active on Instagram (@schofe) and often shares updates and posts about his life, work, and interests.

What Happened to Phillip Schofield on "This Morning": As of my last knowledge updat in January 2022, there were no notable events or incidents involving Phillip Schofield on "This Morning." However, for the most current information, you may need to check recent news sources.

Phillip Schofield's Wife: Phillip Schofield's wife is Stephanie Lowe. While they decided to stay married after Phillip's coming out as gay, they chose to live separately.

Phillip Schofield and Gok Wan: Phillip Schofield and Gok Wan are close friends. They have worked together on various TV projects, including "This Morning." Gok Wan is a fashion consultant and television presenter.

Phillip Schofield's Net Worth: As of my last knowledge updat in January 2022, Phillip Schofield's estimated net worth was around £9 million. However, this figure may have changed since then.

Is Phillip Schofield Still Married?: Phillip Schofield came out as gay in 2020. He had been married to his wife, Stephanie Lowe, for nearly 27 years when he publicly shared his truth. Following this revelation, the couple chose to remain married and live separately.

Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy: Matthew McGreevy is a racing driver and entrepreneur. He's known for his relationship with British television presenter Phillip Schofield.


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