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Cameron Diaz, 50, likely WON'T ever return to Hollywood

Cameron Diaz, 50, likely WON'T ever return to Hollywood
Published 1 years ago on Mar 21, 2023

The 50-year-old officially retired from her Hollywood career in 2018, before being lured back by her close friend Jamie, 55, to star alongside him in action comedy Back In Action. 

But her comeback project was thrown into turmoil earlier this month, when it was reported that Jamie 'had an absolute meltdown' on the UK set of the movie, which led to the firing of three people.

Now, a source close to the star has revealed that - while she does not have any issues with Jamie - she likely won't return to the world of film after wrapping the project, because she's had such a hard time being away from her family and hates the 'drama and confrontation' that so often erupts on movie sets. 

'These back-to-back 10-hour workdays have been a lot on her and she hates being away from Raddix,' the pal tells exclusively, adding, 'Cameron loves being a mom more than anything in the world.'  

'She hates drama and confrontation. This is why she retired from the business in the first place,' she source adds. 'She has already proven herself in the industry and has nothing left to prove to anyone.'

Cameron famously walked away from Hollywood in 2018 to spend more time with her rocker husband Benji, 44. 

The two welcomed their daughter in December 2019 and have been incredibly private about their lives as parents to their three-year-old. 

According to the insider, while Benji has been incredibly 'supportive' of his wife's decision to come out of retirement, the decision has taken a toll on him.  

'Benji is supportive of everything that Cameron does, but it has been a lot on him,' the source tells 'Although she has gotten to see her family while shooting the film, it is just not the same.' 

In regards to Jamie's tantrum on set that led to him firing an executive producer, two directors and his driver, the insider was mum on specific details.

They did say, however, that they would be 'incredibly surprised if it caused any tension between Jamie and Cameron.' 

'When you are in a position of authority, sometimes you have to make decisions to let people go who do not share the same vision as you,' the pal says.

'Cameron is a businessperson and understands that this is necessary at times and, honestly, Jamie is the only reason that she is doing this film and they are still very close.'

Over the course of two decades, Cameron racked up over 40 massively successful films and, at one time, was the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

However, since announcing her retirement, she has turned her hand to other ventures - including creating her own wine brand, Avaline, which she launched with business partner Katherine Powers during the height of the pandemic in 2020. 

This venture was a major turning point for the Charlie's Angels' actress - and has, according to the source, given her a new creative outlet on which to focus.  

'Cameron has gotten extremely involved in Avaline and was pivotal in it's creation,' the insider shared. 

'Aveline has grown exponentially and it is something that Cameron is very, very proud of.' has reached out to Cameron's spokesperson for comment.  

Prior to the film that she is currently working on, Cameron has not done a movie since 2014, when she starred alongside Jamie in the musical comedy film adaptation of Annie. 

She officially announced her retirement in a 2018 interview with Entertainment Weekly. 

Although she had no real plans to return to the spotlight, the end of her retirement was announced by Jamie on his Twitter account in June 2022. 

In the shocking post, Jamie brought infamously unretired NFL star Tom Brady in on a conversation with Cameron in an effort to convince her back from her retirement. 

During the call, she made a point to say how nervous she was about making an announcement. 

'I'm so anxious right now, I'm pacing the room... I don't know how to do this, you know?' the stunning actress stated. 

Jamie dialed in Tom, 45, who unretired from the NFL only to re-retire again, to give Cameron a few tips. 

'I was talking to Jamie and he said you needed a few tips on how to un-retire. I'm relatively successful at un-retiring,' the newly single quarterback said.

Jamie then told Tom that he was trying to coax Cameron to come back, referring to her as a GOAT, which stands for Greatest Of All Time.

'Cameron I hope you aren't mad I recorded this, but no turning back now. Had to call in the GOAT to bring back another GOAT,' Jamie said.

Cameron shared a screenshot of the voice call to her Instagram story with a message to he longtime friend and fellow A-list star. 

'Jamie Foxx, only you could get me back in action!!! I can't frickin wait it's gonna be a blast!,' Cameron said, dropping a hint about the title of their upcoming film. 



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