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Cannes Guard Who Clashed with Kelly Rowland Blocks YoonA

Cannes Guard Who Clashed with Kelly Rowland Blocks YoonA
Published 3 weeks ago on May 27, 2024

Cannes Red Carpet Controversy: Security Guard's Actions Spark Outrage. 

Cannes Red Carpet Controversy: Security Guard's Actions Spark Outrage

The Cannes Film Festival, known for its glitz and glamour, has been embroiled in controversy surrounding the actions of a female security guard. The incident involves alleged mistreatment of celebrities on the iconic red carpet, raising questions about professionalism and potential bias.

Clash with Kelly Rowland:

The issue first came to light when singer and actress Kelly Rowland publicly expressed her frustration with the guard's behavior. While preparing for photos on the red carpet stairs, Rowland was reportedly stopped and "scolded" by the staff member. This incident sparked speculation about racial bias, with Rowland suggesting preferential treatment for other celebrities.

However, colleagues of the security guard defended her actions, emphasizing her role in maintaining order and adhering to strict timetables. They clarified that she was "only doing her job" and aimed to keep the red carpet moving efficiently to avoid congestion.

Yoona and Massiel Taveras Face Similar Treatment:

The controversy escalated as footage emerged showing similar interactions between the security guard and other celebrities. In one instance, Korean actress Yoona, known for her work in K-pop and film, was allegedly stopped while posing for pictures. The video depicts a visibly frustrated Yoona being ushered away from the stairs by the same female security guard.

Another incident involved Dominican actress Massiel Taveras, who clashed with the guard while attempting to unfurl a dramatic gown with a religious motif on the stairs. After an exchange of words, Taveras reportedly shoved the security guard in frustration.

Fan Backlash and Calls for Accountability:

These incidents sparked outrage on social media, with fans calling out the security guard's behavior as "disrespectful" and questioning the alleged inconsistency in treatment.

Unclear Reasoning and Lack of Transparency:

While the security guard's colleagues maintain her actions were appropriate crowd control measures, the specific reasons for stopping each celebrity remain unclear. This lack of transparency fuels speculation and contributes to the perception of potential bias.

Security vs. Respect:

The Cannes Film Festival prioritizes security and maintaining a smooth red carpet experience. However, these concerns should not come at the expense of disrespecting celebrities, regardless of their background or fame.

Moving Forward:

The Cannes Film Festival organizers have an opportunity to address this controversy openly. A thorough review of red carpet protocols and communication with staff could help prevent similar incidents in the future.

Focus on Professionalism and Cultural Sensitivity:

Enhancing guidelines for security personnel, with an emphasis on professionalism and cultural sensitivity, would be a positive step forward.

Lessons Learned:

The Cannes red carpet controversy serves as a reminder of the importance of striking a balance between event management and respecting attendees.

Who is the Security Guard?:

The identity of the security guard involved remains undisclosed. However, reports suggest she is a local Frenchwoman on a short-term contract.

Social Media Impact:

The viral nature of the videos has amplified the controversy and drawn worldwide attention to the situation.


The Cannes red carpet incident highlights the need for clear communication, consistent application of protocols, and sensitivity training for security personnel. Only then can the Cannes Film Festival maintain its reputation as a prestigious event that celebrates international talent with respect and dignity.


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