Christie Brinkley hopes to find love before 70th birthday

Christie Brinkley hopes to find love before 70th birthday
Published 2 months ago on Jan 28, 2024

Christie Brinkley Approaches 70th Birthday with Reflections on Love, Adventure, and Philanthropy.

As she approaches her 70th birthday, Christi Brinkley said she is open to romance,  but okay without it. 'I am pretty comfortable with my life the way it is, so, que será, será!' she told People  (Pictured in New York in May 2023)

As Christie Brinkley, the iconic supermodel, gears up to celebrate her 70th birthday, she's not just marking the passage of time; she's also contemplating her future with a blend of wisdom, adventure, and a hint of romance. In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Brinkley shared insights into her mindset as she approaches this milestone, expressing openness to finding love again but also embracing the beauty of her life as it is.

Known for her radiant beauty and timeless elegance, Brinkley revealed that she's at peace with the natural aging process, stating that she's "okay with 'certain' wrinkles." Despite being open to romance, she confessed that finding the right partner can be challenging, admitting, "there just doesn't seem to be anybody out there." However, she emphasized that she's content with her life, echoing the sentiment of "que será, será."

The cover model believes it's better to find solace in oneself first. 'I always said my whole life that I think that you have to be happy alone so that you get with a man for the right reasons and you're not clinging to him because you need to, you know?'  (Pictured in Palm Beach, FL in November 2023)

Brinkley, who has experienced the highs and lows of love through four marriages and three children, believes in the importance of finding happiness within oneself before seeking it in others. Reflecting on her journey, she remarked, "I always said my whole life that I think that you have to be happy alone so that you get with a man for the right reasons and you're not clinging to him because you need to."

Beyond matters of the heart, Brinkley is an avid adventurer with an extensive bucket list. From traversing the vibrant streets of India to basking in the tropical paradises of Tahiti and Thailand, her wanderlust knows no bounds. She also aspires to enhance her cultural experiences by mastering new languages, particularly Italian.

The supermodel was at the top of the modeling game in the 70s, 80s and 90s   (seen here in 1983's National Lampoon's Vacation'

Despite her illustrious career in modeling, Brinkley remains as industrious as ever, delving into entrepreneurship with her organic wine company, Bellissima. Additionally, she serves as an ambassador for Ryze, advocating for the benefits of apoptogenic mushrooms. In the realm of fashion, she's set to launch her brand, TWRHLL, aimed at empowering women of all ages and body types.

However, amidst her professional endeavors, Brinkley remains committed to philanthropy, expressing her desire to give back as she attains success. With the potential prosperity of TWRHLL, she hopes to contribute meaningfully to charitable causes, acknowledging the importance of using one's resources to uplift others.

Christie stays busy with several ventures, including her Bellissima wine company, an ambassadorship with Ryze adaptogenic mushrooms and will launch her own clothing line, TWRHLL in the Spring

In a poignant social media post, Brinkley reflected on her impending transition to her "Sensational Seventies," expressing gratitude for her experiences and imparting wisdom to younger generations. She emphasized the significance of cherishing every moment, urging others to "love, laugh, and LIVE IT UP!"

As Christie Brinkley prepares to step into this new chapter of her life, she embodies a spirit of resilience, adventure, and generosity. With her unwavering positivity and zest for life, she continues to inspire individuals worldwide to embrace aging gracefully, pursue their passions fervently, and make a difference in the lives of others.


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