Controversy Surrounds Omid Scobie's 'Endgame' in Holland as Book Halted Over Alleged Naming of 'Royal Racist'

Controversy Surrounds Omid Scobie's 'Endgame' in Holland as Book Halted Over Alleged Naming of 'Royal Racist'
Published 4 months ago on Nov 28, 2023

 Xander Publishers confirmed the suspension, citing a last-minute request from the US and awaiting further instructions.

Meghan and Harry pictured with Archie during a tour of South Africa in September 2019 

The original edition of Scobie's book avoids naming the royal family member allegedly concerned about Archie's skin color due to libel laws. However, a page from a Dutch review copy seemingly discloses the identity, creating uncertainty about whether it was intentional or a publishing error.

Meghan initially raised the issue in her Oprah interview, stating concerns about Archie's potential skin color were discussed within the royal family. Scobie's book claims Meghan's private letters with the King confirm the identity, but UK laws prevent naming them.

While the reasons behind the inclusion in the Dutch translation remain unclear, the publisher acknowledged the request to halt sales. The controversy adds another layer to the ongoing debate over the royal family's handling of sensitive issues.

Scobie does not name the member of the royal family said to have expressed 'concern' about Archie's skin colour in the original book 

Scobie's book also delves into Meghan's exchanges with her father-in-law, King Charles, addressing concerns about unconscious racial bias within the royal family. Private letters reportedly contain 'damning details,' emphasizing the tensions between Meghan and the monarchy.

Despite the controversy, Scobie defends Meghan's position, emphasizing her concerns about lingering unconscious bias. The book portrays the King's response to Meghan's worries but refrains from disclosing identities, complying with UK laws.

Critics argue that Scobie's book lacks new information, branding it a 'hit job' and a 'skewed' retelling of events. Despite its critical stance, the BBC's Sean Coughlan suggests it might only cause a brief discomfort for the Royal Family.

Reviews of "Endgame" are mixed, with some labeling it as 'vicious' and 'plain nasty.' The book faces criticism for its allegedly biased portrayal of Meghan and Harry, while others question its relevance and explosive impact.

Scobie denies direct collaboration with the Sussexes for "Endgame" but claims insights from people around them. The book, despite criticism, adds to the ongoing narrative surrounding the Royal Family, showcasing internal tensions and public perception challenges.

Scobie does not name the 'royal racist' in the UK edition of Endgame

As the controversy unfolds, Buckingham Palace maintains a silence of contempt, dismissing "Endgame" as just another addition to the numerous books about the Royal Family. The ongoing debate emphasizes the challenges faced by the monarchy in navigating public scrutiny and internal conflicts.


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