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Def Leppard opens up about balancing family life

Def Leppard opens up about balancing family life
Published 11 months ago on Aug 06, 2023

Exploring the Depths of Def Leppard: Balancing Rockstar Glamour and Personal Lives 

In an exclusive and intimate conversation with PEOPLE magazine, the rock legends of Def Leppard pull back the curtain on their dynamic lives, highlighting the intriguing juxtaposition between their electrifying rock and roll personas on stage and their down-to-earth family-focused lives offstage. 

Guitarist Phil Collen, renowned for his masterful riffs, couldn't help but chuckle as he pondered the question about their iconic status as sex symbols, retorting, "Is that truly how we're seen?" Lead singer Joe Elliott, his voice resonating with humility, playfully adds, "Certainly not in my household!" 

At 64 years young, Elliott has walked the path of marital bliss with his beloved wife Kristine since 2004, their journey graced by three beautiful children—son Finlay, blossoming at 13, and the enchanting daughters Lyla, 7, and Harper, 3. Collen, a youthful 63, embarked on a union of hearts with his partner Helen in 2010, their union blessed with the laughter of a 5-year-old son named Jaxson. Yet, the rocker's heart also beats in rhythm with four other children from chapters past.

Amid the uproarious applause and dazzling lights, the band members confess that it is the presence of their devoted spouses and the laughter of their children that keeps them grounded, reminding them that beneath the glitz, they remain ordinary individuals. Guitar maestro Vivian Campbell, who is happily wedded to Caitlin Phaneuf, mirrors this sentiment, having traversed the journey of fatherhood with two daughters from a former chapter. He reflects, "It's as if life sweeps the rug from under us should we dare to perceive ourselves as anything other than human."

Elliott, known for his magnetic stage presence, shares a heartwarming anecdote about his daughter Lyla, whose discerning eyes remain unimpressed by her father's dance moves. Despite his deliberate display of comically clumsy dancing, meant to amuse her, Lyla echoes, "[Lyla], with an air of nonchalance, frequently quips, 'Dad, you might have the voice of an angel, but your dance moves need saving!'" The room echoes with his laughter as he continues, "And this sentiment extends to my better half as well—there exist two distinct lives. As we take center stage, delivering our musical prowess, there's an unspoken understanding that once the curtain falls, we retire to our 'jammies,' that's the reality." 

Yet, beneath the façade of leather and dazzling lights, the members of Def Leppard resoundingly emphasize that the personas they embody on stage are merely roles they embrace, a prelude to the vibrant tapestry of their private lives. Bassist Rick Savage and drummer Rick Allen, both gracefully embracing their 60s, serve as the rhythmic heartbeat that completes the symphony of the band's lineup. 

Elliott, known for his insightful introspection, muses, "We wield the power to switch it on and off, a power we've long championed. 'Leave your ego in the dressing room,' we've echoed time and again." He adds with a wisdom only time can forge, "On stage, we wear the mantle of rock stars, yet when the curtains descend and the applause fades, it's a role we shed entirely. This duality lies at the core of our enduring journey... I believe, in essence, it's this duality that fortifies our longevity—being two distinct beings." 

Collen, drawing an astute parallel, likens the stage persona to an avatar, a version of oneself imbued with an amplified aura of charisma, harnessed solely for the electrifying performances before thousands. With an air of philosophical reflection, he shares, "It's akin to the art of method acting. The entity that graces the stage exudes a level of swagger that eclipses my own." His voice resounds with conviction as he concludes, "Never do I grapple with stage fright or its ilk... simply because the avatar steps forth, radiating an air of confidence that is uniquely its own. An avatar armed with swagger." 

As Def Leppard charts the course of their co-headlining tour alongside the iconic Mötley Crüe, their feet remain firmly grounded, their melodies infused with the richness of familial bonds, and their hearts swelling with gratitude for the unwavering support of their cherished loved ones. 

For an immersive dive into the expansive universe of Def Leppard, seize the opportunity to peruse the pages of the forthcoming PEOPLE issue, available for discovery at newsstands far and wide, commencing this imminent Friday.


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