Eugenie Bouchard Rocks Lace Catwoman Outfit for Spooky Season with Friends

Eugenie Bouchard Rocks Lace Catwoman Outfit for Spooky Season with Friends
Published 5 months ago on Oct 30, 2023

The 29-year-old athlete, who once reached the lofty heights of World No. 5 in tennis, is all set to conquer the world of pickleball, but before she dives into this exciting new endeavor, she decided to embrace the Halloween spirit with a series of sultry photographs shared on her Instagram, where she boasts an impressive 2.4 million followers. 

Eugenie Bouchard shows off her stunning figure dressed in a lacey catwoman costume 

In these captivating images, Bouchard, alongside her friends, showcases her jaw-dropping physique while donning a lacey Catwoman ensemble. The pictures were taken on a balcony overlooking the picturesque Montreal skyline, making for the perfect Halloween backdrop. 

The 29-year-old Canadian was pictured infront of the Montreal skyline on a balcony 

Eugenie Bouchard's transition from tennis to the booming world of pickleball has been making waves. This fast-paced sport is quickly becoming a formidable challenger to tennis, and the former tennis star is gearing up for her debut in 2024 as part of the Carvana PPA Tour. 

The Carvana PPA Tour is a grand platform for pickleball enthusiasts, offering 25 locations across the United States for players to compete in, all leading up to the prestigious PPA Finals in California. Here, the top eight singles players and doubles teams will compete for ultimate glory, aiming to claim the coveted year-end World No. 1 title in pickleball. 

Bouchard was joined by various friends to celebrate Halloween, all of whom dressed in similar outfits

Eugenie Bouchard's move to pickleball follows the footsteps of several other celebrities who have invested in this burgeoning sport. Renowned names like Tom Brady and LeBron James have thrown their weight behind pickleball, propelling it into the limelight. The sport is played on a court of similar dimensions to a doubles badminton court, utilizing a paddle and a hollow ball. 

Bouchard posted a close up of her in the outfit as she and friends celebrated spooky season

Eugenie Bouchard's Halloween photoshoot is not only a treat for her numerous fans but also a testament to her flair for embracing new challenges, whether it's dazzling on the tennis court or diving into the thrilling world of pickleball. As she gears up for her pickleball debut, her Halloween Catwoman costume has certainly created quite a stir, adding an extra layer of excitement to her incredible journey.

Bouchard had a breakthrough year in 2014, when she was beaten in the Wimbledon final by Petra Kvitova after reaching the semifinals of the Australian Open and French Open

Eugenie Bouchard Ranking: Eugenie Bouchard, a former Canadian tennis star, reached a career-high singles ranking of World No. 5 on October 20, 2014, following her remarkable performance in the tennis world. She was once considered one of the brightest talents in women's tennis.

Eugenie Bouchard Net Worth: As of my last knowledge updat in January 2022, Eugenie Bouchard's net worth was estimated to be around $6 million. Her income primarily comes from tennis earnings, endorsements, and various business ventures.

Eugenie Bouchard Instagram: Eugenie Bouchard is active on Instagram, where she shares updates, pictures, and insights into her life. You can find her on Instagram under the username @geniebouchard, where she has a substantial following.

What Happened to Eugenie Bouchard: Eugenie Bouchard's tennis career experienced several ups and downs after reaching the Wimbledon final in 2014. She faced injuries and struggled with consistency in her game. As of my last knowledge updat in January 2022, she was actively transitioning to the sport of pickleball. Please check the latest news sources for updates on her career.

Eugenie Bouchard Age: Eugenie "Genie" Bouchard was born on February 25, 1994, which makes her around 29 years old, as of October 2023.

 Eugenie Bouchard Engaged: Eugenie Bouchard got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Mason Rudolph, who is an NFL quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They announced their engagement in December 2021. Since my knowledge was last updated in January 2022, there might be new developments regarding their engagement.

 Eugenie Bouchard French Open: Eugenie Bouchard's best performance at the French Open came in 2014 when she reached the semifinals. It was one of her breakthrough moments in tennis. She hasn't replicated that success in subsequent years.

 Eugenie Bouchard Career Stats: As of my last knowledge updat in January 2022, Eugenie Bouchard's career stats included her impressive run to the Wimbledon final in 2014, where she finished as the runner-up. She also reached the semifinals at the Australian Open and the French Open during the same year. Her career achievements and stats may have evolved since then, so it's advisable to consult the latest sources for up-to-date statistics.


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