Eva Mendes Reads Bedtime Story in New Bluey Book Reads!

Eva Mendes Reads Bedtime Story in New Bluey Book Reads!
Published 3 weeks ago on May 04, 2024

Eva Mendes Reads Bedtime Stories in New "Bluey Book Reads" Episode!

Eva Mendes Reads Bedtime Stories in New "Bluey Book Reads" Episode!

Hollywood A-lister Eva Mendes is the latest celebrity to lend her voice to the popular children's book series "Bluey," joining a growing list of stars who have brought the stories to life online.

On May 3rd, fans of the beloved Australian animated show "Bluey" were delighted to see Mendes narrate the newest episode of the "Bluey Book Reads" digital series. This online initiative brings the magic of the show's companion children's books directly to viewers through charming narrated readings.

The six-minute episode titled "Mum School" features Mendes' warm and engaging voice guiding viewers through the story. Illustrated pages showcasing Bluey, his family, and the narrative text unfold as Mendes brings the characters to life.

The episode opens with a unique touch, revealing a real-life shot of the Heeler family home exterior before transitioning to the familiar book illustration style. Mendes then introduces herself, setting the stage for the heartwarming story.

"Bluey, Mum School – read by me, Eva Mendes," she begins, immediately capturing the attention of young viewers and their parents alike.

Mendes dives into the story, depicting a playful scene between Bluey and his mom. The narrative unfolds with humor and warmth, detailing Bluey's attempt to "grade" his mom's parenting skills as they play with balloons. With captivating storytelling, Mendes portrays the playful banter between Bluey and his family, keeping viewers engaged throughout the episode.

This exciting addition to the "Bluey Book Reads" series marks another milestone for the initiative. Launched in February, the digital series has quickly become a favorite among fans, offering a convenient and engaging way to experience the charm of the "Bluey" stories.

Mendes joins a prestigious roster of celebrities who have previously participated in the "Bluey Book Reads" project. Renowned wildlife conservationist Bindi Irwin and iconic pop star Kylie Minogue are just a few of the stars who have lent their voices to the series, further solidifying its appeal.

For Mendes, this wasn't the first foray into the world of "Bluey." Fans may recall her surprise appearance as a yoga instructor in a 2021 episode of the animated series itself. It's clear that Mendes is a genuine fan of the show, and her enthusiasm translates beautifully in her "Mum School" narration.

In a previous interview with Australian outlet Now to Love, Mendes spoke about the immense popularity of "Bluey" in her household. Her daughters, Esmeralda Amada (9) and Amada Lee (7), are huge fans, and the show's playful energy spills over into their home life.

"They love Bluey! Bluey is huge in our house. Huge," Mendes shared. She described their playful antics after watching the show, including their love for the "frozen statue" game. This anecdote underscores the show's ability to connect with children and families, fostering laughter and imaginative play.

Mendes' passion for children's entertainment extends beyond her involvement with "Bluey." This fall, she's set to release her debut children's picture book titled "Desi, Mami and the Never-Ending Worries." Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, Mendes described the book as "a love letter to my kids and yours," highlighting her dedication to creating heartwarming content for young audiences.

The addition of Eva Mendes to the "Bluey Book Reads" series is a delightful treat for fans. Her engaging narration and genuine enthusiasm for the show make "Mum School" a captivating episode. With more celebrity voices on the horizon and the continued success of the digital series, "Bluey Book Reads" promises to be a cherished online destination for families everywhere.


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