Fastest players at Euro 2024 revealed

Fastest players at Euro 2024 revealed
Published 2 weeks ago on Jul 04, 2024

Euro 2024: Speed Demons Revealed - Walker Shockingly Omitted, Surprise Entries from Man Utd.

The beautiful game isn't just about fancy footwork and tactical brilliance; raw speed plays a crucial role too. With Euro 2024 heating up, fans are curious about the players setting the pitch ablaze with their blistering pace. Here, we unveil the top 10 fastest players at the tournament, with some surprising names making the cut and a notable absentee causing a stir.

Kyle Walker: Surprisingly Left in the Dust

A familiar name in "fastest player" discussions, particularly in the Premier League, England's Kyle Walker is a surprising omission from the Euro 2024 speedster list. Despite playing every minute so far, the 34-year-old hasn't clocked a sprint fast enough to crack the top ten.

Walker previously held the title of Premier League's fastest player with a recorded speed of 23.1mph, but this season saw him overtaken by Tottenham's Micky van de Ven, who now reigns supreme with a blistering 23.2mph. However, van de Ven does make the Euro 2024 top ten, sharing sixth place with Manchester United's Rasmus Hojlund at 22.9mph.

Slovenia's Sesko Steals the Show

The coveted top spot goes to Benjamin Sesko, the young striker currently playing for RB Leipzig and representing Slovenia. This summer, Sesko snubbed a transfer offer from Arsenal, opting to stay in Germany. His decision seems wise, as he's now crowned the fastest player at Euro 2024 with a recorded speed of 22.3mph. Interestingly, Chelsea was also interested in Sesko before he committed to Leipzig with a five-year deal.

Surprise Entries from Manchester United

Another unexpected name on the top ten list is Manchester United's Diogo Dalot. The defender clocked in at 22.8mph, securing the tenth position. This inclusion adds an interesting layer to Manchester United's squad dynamics, showcasing hidden speed potential within the team.

England's Midfield Engine Makes the Distance

While speed is crucial, tireless workhorses are equally important on the pitch. The Euro 2024 statistics also revealed the top ten players covering the most ground. Here, England's midfield maestro, Declan Rice, finds himself amongst esteemed company. He joins Belgian duo Kevin De Bruyne and Timothy Castagne in the list of players covering the most miles during the tournament.

A Blend of Speed and Stamina for Euro 2024 Glory

The Euro 2024 speed rankings offer a glimpse into the players who can exploit space and create scoring opportunities with their raw pace. However, it's important to remember that football is a team sport. Combining these speedy players with tireless midfielders like Declan Rice can create a winning formula for any team. As the Euros progress, it will be fascinating to see how these speed demons and distance-covering workhorses influence the outcome of the tournament.


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