Four fashion trends that make you look tacky and cheap

 Four fashion trends that make you look tacky and cheap
Published 1 years ago on Feb 19, 2023

On her TikTok account where she posts content for women who want to dress more elegantly, Ana Reyes listed off the fashion fads she thinks should be ditched.

To get the ball rolling, in a TikTok video, Reyes said that wearing too many rings at once makes you appear "cheap," "tacky," and not elegant.

She showed an example with an image that featured someone wearing multiple bulky rings of varying colors, with rhinestones affixed to some of them.

The next trend Reyes covered was oversized graphic T-shirts.

She noted that donning one looks "childish" and "lazy."

Reyes moved on to the next item on her hit list – sporting numerous bracelets.

To the fashionista, wearing too many bracelets at a time looks "juvenile and cheap" as well as "cluttered."

Reyes's final point of issue was with baseball caps. She suggested that they look "masculine" on women.

Some of Reyes's supporters left her positive words in her comments section.

"I looooove your account," wrote one.

"Love your content so much," added a second.

Other people didn't take too well to her opinions though, like one who wrote: "I’m not looking elegant to go bowling, y’all gone get these jeans and a graphic tee."

"This may all be true but a reminder that not looking elegant [does not equal] looking bad. Sometimes elegant is boring. Wear the 12 bracelets. It’s fun," said a second.

This led other TikTok users to come to Reyes's defense.

"This is meant for women trying to bring out their feminine energy. Elegant style. In no way she is trying to bash," wrote one.

"Y’all big mad lol. This is meant for the girlies that want to be more feminine and classy," stressed a second.

"Everyone is mad only because this 'style' is trendy. In reality, it IS giving very much middle school vibes... Childish is the right word," a third chimed in.

"She’s a hyper-feminine content creator y'all. Read the room. These are her opinions and she’s not saying you can’t do what you want lol," a final person wrote.


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