Fulham's Bernd Leno Shoves Bournemouth Academy Star Ballboy

Fulham's Bernd Leno Shoves Bournemouth Academy Star Ballboy
Published 7 months ago on Dec 27, 2023

 Louie, 14, has been associated with the Cherries since the age of seven, showcasing his dedication to a potential Premier League career.

The incident unfolded during a contentious match, watched by millions, where German goalkeeper Leno, 31, pushed the young ballboy as he handed him the ball. Bournemouth fans voiced their disapproval, and even Amazon Prime commentators criticized Leno's actions. The goalkeeper, already booked earlier in the game, faced backlash for the unnecessary shove.

Louie Jacob, a Tottenham fan and aspiring footballer, was identified on social media within hours of the incident. His father, Courtney, a crane operator in Bournemouth, posted an image from the match on Facebook, playfully mentioning Louie's newfound limelight.

Despite the altercation, a heartening moment occurred as Leno later approached Louie, offering an apology and an embrace. The incident led to discussions about Leno's on-field conduct, with suggestions that he should have received a second yellow card for the shove.

Louie's football journey started at the Simon Francis Academy in Bournemouth before earning a professional contract with AFC Bournemouth. The academy praised Louie's fantastic attitude, willingness to learn, and commitment to improving his skills.

Louie, accompanied by his grandmother Lucy Jacob Baillieu, attended the Boxing Day game. While Louie's parents chose not to comment, Fulham boss Marco Silva defended Leno, citing frustration over ballboys delaying restarts. Cherries boss Androni Iraola refuted the claim that their ballboys intentionally caused delays.

Following the incident, the ballboys were relocated to the stands for the last ten minutes of the game, and the Premier League confirmed the withdrawal of the multi-ball system. While Football Association chiefs are not expected to impose retrospective punishment on Leno, the incident has ignited discussions about player conduct and the treatment of ballboys in football.

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  • Leno's injury: In August 2023, Leno suffered a shoulder injury. He recently returned to training and is expected to be back in action soon. You can follow his official club's website or social media channels for the latest updates on his fitness.
  • Fulham goalkeeper 2023: Currently, Marek Rodák is the starting goalkeeper for Fulham. Leno is also part of the Fulham squad and expected to compete for the starting position.
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  • Arsenal goalkeeper: While Leno previously played for Arsenal, he currently plays for Fulham. Aaron Ramsdale is the current starting goalkeeper for Arsenal.



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